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  • Removal Firm made moving day stress-free and smooth sailing - so grateful for their help!

    Nora G.

  • Despite any obstacles that came up during our move, Moving Company remained composed and professional throughout.


  • It's not often that you come across such a professional and dedicated team of movers like the ones at this company.

    Raylene M.

  • I am incredibly impressed with London Removals and their commitment to providing excellent removal services. The staff were friendly, organized and made sure everything was done in a timely manner. Their attention to detail was exceptional.


  • Unbeatable affordability, Movers!


  • With RemovalCompany' reliable and professional removal services, we had a smooth transition into our new home last week.

    Mia Foster

  • I wouldn't have gotten through the process without Removal Service and their removal services. From a standing start they were just fantastic.

    K. Jones

  • Cheap and fast domestic removals from Moving Company. Very good value all round.

    Finn Reche

  • The best thing about RemovalCompany was the amazing friendliness of the team and their willingness to answer questions and help out with anything they could. The movers helped with packing, moving and unloading.

    Humphrey Tintle

  • Removal Service are a great company if you're moving to a new house and you need a van. I found their van rental prices really affordable, especially when compared to the competition, and they had lots of choices for all different moving needs. I picked a large van for all of my furniture, and got a fantastic deal pricewise!


  • Hi, everyone. I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the services that London Removals provides. I have used other removal companies in the past and one company even managed to lose and damage some of my items. I was extremely worried about history repeating itself this time but luckily I discovered this company on the internet, read their great reviews and decided to hire them. So glad I did! They have made the whole process so much easier for me and my family. Now I am happy and settled in my new home, all thanks to this lovely company.

    Hannah Malloy

  • I feel that I'm a little late to the dance when it comes to RemovalCompany, as when it comes to removal van hire, internationals removals, and house removals, they are already so well reviewed. But, I just wanted to say that when it came to my house removals the team couldn't have handled it any better. Even when troubles arose, they delt with them quickly and easily. If you are like me and want your home removals handled properly, simply speak to the guys and you won't be disappointed.

    Craig L.

  • I really want to thank these guys for the great help they have been with my removals. I knew moving house would be stressful, but RemovalCompany made everything so, so much easier for me! I truly cannot think of one thing that they disappointed me with. Everything about them was really high quality, including the customer support on the phone. Go for them if you want a really good removals company.

    Sue-Ann Simpson

  • What an absolutely brilliant company! You know how hard it is finding a decent company for moving. When you move, you always have so much to think about and so this time, I thought I'd hire a professional company instead. So I booked a moving date with RemovalCompany and the results I got were amazing! I really cannot believe how great the services are. Thanks so much!!! You are one of a kind!

    Alex J.

  • Huge thanks to RemovalCompany for all your hard work and dedication. I am so happy to have found such a great company with such high standards. I will, without a doubt, hire you again for my removals. It is such a pleasure and a joy working with you. Your team is amazing; unquestionably the best movers I have found. So make sure you hire this amazing company if you would like an easy and stress free move. You won't believe just how good this company is.

    Ian Williams

  • The key to a decent removal seems to be to get someone involved that actually knows what they are doing, rather than trying to wing it yourself, as my husband seemed so hellbent on doing. Fortunately, I found RemovalCompany before he could do any damage, and with their rates being as good as they were for domestic removals, we agreed that it would be way easier to do things that way, than to mess about with sorting stuff ourselves. We chose right it seems, as we are now happily settled in to our new place after an easy removal!

    Alice Powell

  • I'd like to thank the team from RemovalCompany who helped us with our recent removal. I found that they were extremely useful and instrumental in the organizational stages of the planning. The move itself went extremely well, with nothing broken, and for a great price, which in the end makes all the difference! I hope that reviewing them means that they get many more happy customers like myself, as they truly deserve them! A wonderful company, doing a great job for an excellent price, not much more you could ask for!

    Randy Phillips

  • After spending so long looking up the process of moving abroad, I decided that it would just be simpler to find a company who were able to handle everything for me. The one I chose was RemovalCompany after a recommendation from someone at my new company and they certainly chose well. Rather than messing around figuring out what I need, they had everything sorted for me. The packing services, in particular, were a great help and made sure that I was fully prepared for what was to come. Looking back, I wouldn't have done a thing differently. Top work.

    Jeremy S.

  • Problems are an unfortunate but unavoidable fact of life - especially in high-pressure and complex operations like moving house. It's how you deal with problems that matters at the end of the day, and RemovalCompany have proved to me that they make molehills out of mountains! I'm delighted with these guys - they helped me move house last week and they really were top stuff. Didn't let anything bother them and tackled issues early, and head on. All in all, I would recommend them to all and sundry - which is what I'm doing now I suppose!

    Reginald Murdoch

  • I have used many removal services over the years and many have been great but what I noticed about this company, compared to others, is that they showed professional mannerisms on the job at all times. RemovalCompany are obviously trained very well and this company do not hire just any inexperienced worker or at least they do not send any inexperienced workers out alone. To me this makes all the difference because there is less likely going to be any accidental damages occur due to lack of knowledge about what they are doing. Thanks so much!


  • Three cheers for RemovalCompany! Initially I was reluctant to use them because they're an independent operator but I quickly grew to trust them - they were classy, friendly and professional from the word go and I just knew I was in good hands! They chucked in a free home consultation which made moving easy peasy and very fast, and also meant they could give me a personalised quote. Didn't feel like I was being pressured to take them up on their offer at all, either! Very calm moving day - something you can't put a price on!

    Chris Masters

  • I was fortunate enough to find RemovalCompany because of my mother. She told me how great they were and so I didn't have much to lose, so I just went ahead and hired them. I can't begin to express my happiness at finding such a professional and dependable moving company. I didn't think it would be possible. I've moved a fair amount of times and in the end, I just started doing it myself because I couldn't find a good enough company to count on. You will definitely be impressed with their services for sure.


  • In a perfect world, I would never move house, or someone would have invented teleporters by now. However, I have to make do with the next best thing, by using RemovalCompany for my removals. I have used them four times now in the last five years, and they are always incredible to deal with. I used to be quite stressed about the idea of moving everything that I owned between houses so often, but in fact having these guys in charge of the removal really did change everything. They come highly recommended by myself!

    Alfonso Stewart

  • I wanted to add my name into the many who are so quick to praise RemovalCompany. They were by far the best company we talked to when we were looking to move and we were happy to give them our service based on that alone. Of course, come moving day, they managed to deliver entirely on this early promise and made sure that the entire move was incredibly simple. For those who are looking for the very best help, I can recommend their services whatever kind of house move you have ahead of you. Thanks again, guys.

    Irene Rutters

  • Just wanted to drop by and say thanks to RemovalCompany for all the help during our recent move. We had a couple of items which I thought would be really difficult, heavy chairs and the like, but they managed to make sure that everything was handled incredibly easy. I've never had the benefit of working with such a relaxed and capable team and their attitude really set the tone for what was a simple and easy going move. Far better than any other experience I've had, I would not hesitate to hire them again next time I move home.


  • Finding a great removals company is a very useful thing. There are a great many scammers and cowboys out there who are looking to take your money and give you as little in return as possible. It's nice to find a company like RemovalCompany who are dedicated to delivering a great service for a great price, and ensuring that you are not left wanting or feeling ripped off afterwards. The team were nice to have about, and got on with the family, which made for an easy as well as efficient removal, top marks, and many, many thanks indeed!

    Lee Webb

  • I was excited to move into my new house, even though it was in an entirely new area! I was moving for my job, which unfortunately, started the day after my house move. This meant that I was under a lot of stress and pressure, and I don't know what I would have done without the help of RemovalCompany. The man and van that I hired really gave me lots of confidence, and together we were able to get my boxes all loaded up and ready to go in no time - despite the horrible weather! I was in my new home and ready to unpack by the end of the day, and I was even prepared for the work the next morning. Couldn't have done it without this company, I wholeheartedly recommend them!

    Lily J.

  • I don't know how I would have survived my house move without RemovalCompany! As a busy mum my house move was getting away from me, but I hired the packing services of this company, as well as a man and van and they managed to get everything sorted for me quickly and professionally. My actual moving day was really easy and stress-free - it was so relaxed it was almost enjoyable! The services offered by the company are all pretty cheap comparatively, and for the great level of friendly service that you get, it really can't be compared to. Very happy in my new home thanks to this company!


  • I needed to move area and had a lot of belongings to shift. I was into fixing old cars so had a lot of equipment and possessions to move. A mate gave me a number of a company he had used and was pleased with. I called RemovalCompany, and explained that I had a lot of expensive tools and apparatus to shift. They told me it wasn't a problem and arranged a date for them to give me an accurate quote, and from there a date was set for the move. It all went extremely well; they packed the previous day to the move, and removal day just went great. Nothing was damaged during transit.

    Tim S.

  • It was only little old me that needed moving, but I can certainly say that I have too many possessions. In spite of all of my heavy items - none of which would have been left behind under any circumstance - getting the right move was still a big concern for me. I've had experiences before which were simply not good enough. So after having some bad experiences, I was determined to do it right this time. After doing my research (and reading lots of reviews like this) I took the plunge and hired RemovalCompany. And I am very glad that I did. Thanks again.

    Marie Ross

  • We needed a removals company quickly. As I'm sure you're aware, the property market can move really rapidly sometime and it's difficult to stay on top of. As such, we needed to operate on short notice, despite being a big job. RemovalCompany completely understood this and made sure that we had exactly what we needed. They were efficient throughout and I can't find a single fault. An excellent price as well, which we really weren't expecting. All in all, best removals experience we've had in forever. Thanks again, I'm sure that other will see these reviews and agree.

    Lisa White

  • Thought I'd add my thoughts to the rest of the reviews, even if they simply echo similar ideas: the whole team at RemovalCompany did everything they could to make sure that I enjoyed a fantastic moving experience and I would not hesitate to call them again as soon as possible if I knew I was moving house. It's hard to put a finger on any one thing, but it was just that the service was efficient and stress free all round; this was, essentially, exactly what I wanted from my removals firm. Combined with the low price and you really can't go wrong, can you?

    Charles Robinson

  • There was only ever one company we were going to call for our latest move. RemovalCompany helped us hugely last time and their service was as equally excellent this time as well. I think it's just the way that they seem to take everything in their stride, you can really tell that they're professionals. I'll certainly never look anywhere else now that I know how easy it can be to move home, and I've passed along their name to anyone who's even mentioned moving home nearby. Great, once again.

    Sarah F.

  • I know RemovalCompany offer a lot of removal services, but I decided to go with their basic van hire as I am quite an experience mover and knew I could get things done myself. Now van hire isn't usually something to get excited about I appreciate, but I wanted to leave a quick review because it was such a straightforward process. I chose my van (they have LOADS) and they gave me a price per day. There were assurances over a lack of hidden charges (I have been stung before) and off I drove after a bit of paperwork (standard). Great van, great price, great service. Cheers guys.

    Derek D.

  • I've moved before, but never as easily as this. Since I've been moving pretty much the same things for decades, I can see that the only real difference between the moves was the removals company involved. As such, the team at RemovalCompany are head and shoulders above everything that's come before. Their attention to detail, I think, was the real stand out, making the entire process simple and easy. So when it comes to moving home, I cannot recommend the team enough, especially seeing as they've given me the easiest move I've experience in such a long, long time.

    Tina Cox

  • With so much to think about when you move home, I usually spend so long wasting my time worrying about everything that the whole process makes my hair fall out. It's been a while since I moved last, but I was dreading this latest move. Still, sometimes a new home is just too tempting. Next time I move, I'll certainly be calling RemovalCompany. My hair is now safely atop my head and I don't think I've ever enjoyed such a simple move. It's probably a long time before I move again, but when I do, they'll be my first call.

    Philip Lee

  • I would simply like to take this opportunity to thank RemovalCompany and their skilled team of movers for their assistance in making my elderly mother's house removal go so smoothly. All four of the guys on your crew were polite, eager to please and very hard working. Two of the movers started to get her few belongings packed which was done so carefully that she had no items broken during the move; and once at the new home they also took just as much care in unpacking these items. I appreciate all you have done during the appointment. All of your movers are such wonderful guys who created an air of excitement and joy for my mother; this eased her stress quickly. Thank you once again, you are all brilliant.


  • When I moved into my new home I didn't have any problems unpacking what it was I needed, but I still had lots and lots of boxes that I just couldn't find the time to unpack. I was really unmotivated after such a stressful time and so I called in professional help! The unpacking service from RemovalCompany is second to none, and I was very impressed with their quick and efficient work. It's a very affordable service too and I'd recommend it to anyone who's struggling to unpack those last few dozen boxes after moving house! Thanks so much!

    Marcia M.

  • I heard about RemovalCompany through a friend and was really eager to give them a go. I'd been looking for a removal company as I was moving house, but I hadn't really been able to find the friendly service I'd been looking for. I've never moved house on my own before and I wanted a company that would be able to answer my questions and who wouldn't mind me being a bit of a novice. This service did a great job of making me feel calm and they helped me with everything that needed doing. I didn't have to worry about anything at all when moving day came around and I was soon settled into my new home. Thanks!

    Sarah L.

  • I had enough on my plate planning for my office move without having to worry about the logistics of moving day. I needed to hire a team of reliable movers who'd be able to quickly and efficiently move all of my office equipment and furniture without any hassle, so that my business could be up and running as soon as possible! I spoke to RemovalCompany and they had some great prices for an experienced service. The movers I ended up with were very friendly and very skilled - they definitely knew what they were doing and I couldn't be more grateful to everyone that helped me! Thanks so much!


  • Simply put, you need a good removals team! I had never had a pleasant removal until recently, and it was because my removals company were so slack! I used the same ones for five years, and had to move a few times, so they became my go to, and they were terrible it turns out! I didn't know however, until I tried out RemovalCompany for size, and found them to be far superior! I would use this lot again and again, and would recommend that everyone else out there do exactly the same if they are in a position where they need a great removals company.

    J. Walters

  • Moving house is never going to be easy; you have to get pretty much everything that you own packed up, and put in a van, and then once you have driven it to the new place, you have to do all of that again in reverse! Simply put, you need a great removals company, and we found ours in RemovalCompany a hardworking bunch who were great to deal with. The price was very attractive, and the team were lovely. The move went by without a hitch and we were seriously pleased that we went with them!

    Michelle T.

  • Given that people don't move that often, it is probably a good thing that people are not that use to moving house. That said, when you do come to move, it can be an absolute nightmare, as no one knows what they are doing! Such has been the case for my last few removals, but this time was different. I found that RemovalCompany made everything so much easier, and we were moved in no time with a great deal less stress than previously. Anyone looking for a great removals company should try them out, they are amazing!

    Tammy R.

  • Given that there is no way on earth to make a removal fun, I was not exactly looking forward to our recent one. You will no doubt understand that packing everything that you own up and moving it to another place is never going to be easy, but if you have a great removals team on hand, there is not that can't be done efficiently. RemovalCompany made sure that we were completely prepared for our recent move, assuring us that everything was sorted, and getting us moved with ease and finesse. I'd like to extend personal thanks to all there at the company for making our move so easy!

    Lisa Cook

  • RemovalCompany provided me a well-rounded move. They provided assistance throughout each stage of the move and they communicated with me regularly so I was informed. They really put out a lot of effort to ensure that my home move was completed on time. Their staff was always on time, friendly and reliable. They packed my belongings with expertise, wrapping all the fragile belongings and providing storage services when needed. I couldn't believe the diligence and efficiency with which they worked. I would surely hire them in the future and would recommend them for any move. Well done RemovalCompany.

    Kit S.

  • I cannot thank the dedicated team members at RemovalCompany more for their great service in my office move. I needed a professional moving company that could execute my business removal quickly and diligently. I needed expertise but also affordable prices. RemovalCompany provided both of those things. They were cooperative, diligent and hard workers. They were always prompt and ready to work at the scheduled time. They gave me great advice throughout the process and my business didn't have much down time. I saved money by using this removal company and I got an excellent office move in return. They're a great service!

    Latoya B.

  • Without the help of RemovalCompany, I would have never been able to complete my office move. I wasn't able to spare the time packing and arranging as I had to manage the business during this time. I needed a proactive removal company that knew how to provide a professional move. Luckily, I found RemovalCompany. They were reliable and professional. Their staff were knowledgeable and great problem solvers. They were attentive to sensitive documents and ensured everything was safe during transportation. For an affordable and reliable office removal company, I highly recommend this removal company.


  • RemovalCompany provided a fantastic company move. I needed a reliable and professional business that knew how to move a larger company without ruining the business routine. I had worked with companies in the past that were just not as efficient or reliable. The staff at RemovalCompany were great problem solvers, they knew just how to pack, store and transport the office supplies so that they were organized. Putting my business together again was simple and easy with their organized packing assistance. I recommend them to anybody looking for a reliable moving company. Thanks for the great service!


  • I'd recommend RemovalCompany to absolutely everyone! If you need a great team to get your things moved from house to house, then give them a call right away! You will no doubt know that moving house is a nightmare of lifting and shifting, but having a decent removals team makes all the difference to that! I could not believe how great these guys were to have around, and nothing was broken whatsoever! An amazing move from a great company.

    Cecelia Barrett

  • Not really knowing what you are in for does make hiring a removals company a bit of a pain, as you have to spend a lot of money on a removal company, and you may well end up dropping a few hundred quid on a team that can't be bothered to get you moving and to keep you happy! In certain ways, we felt a bit strange taking a punt with RemovalCompany but it really did pay off! Now we have found a company that we know will be able to cater to our needs, we will never have to worry about taking chances on other companies!

    Dominick Keller

  • Knowing that there are still companies out there that rely on the traditions of hard work for honest pay is an excellent thing. RemovalCompany are one of those companies, making people happy by moving them properly for a good price, and not just trying to get away with as much cash for as little work as possible like some others may be. I used them recently, and they moved us extremely efficiently, with a great regard for safety. The price was good, and we were extremely happy with how everything went.


  • Not really knowing about all of the smaller parts of a move that go into ensuring that it all goes smoothly means that I was not really sure what I needed form a removals company, but when I called up RemovalCompany, I was pretty certain that I had found a great company for my move. The customer services team were lovely to talk to, and the quote was perfect for my needs and budget. The Team were great to talk to, and they got the move done efficiently, without a single breakage. If you are after a decent company then you will find them in this lot, so don't look any further!

    D. Vanhoose

  • Moving house is tough. I mean, you're getting everything that you own, your whole life, and putting it in a van and moving it to another place. The likelihood of nothing getting broken is pretty slim, so I was pretty shocked when exactly that happened on our recent move. The team from RemovalCompany were completely responsible for this, and I knew we had made the right decision as soon as they arrived. The team were respectful and nice, and they worked hard all day. We had a laugh, but they got the job done with great efficiency, so I can't complain at all!

    Alden Mannon

  • Knowing that you have a bunch of experienced people looking out for you is a great feeling, especially in a situation like moving house, where everything seems to be simple, but is actually really rather complicated! I used RemovalCompany and they were excellent at letting me know what was going on and when, so that I was never in the dark as to what was going on at any point! The team were very nice to deal with, and I thought that the price was really quite reasonable, on account of how hard they all worked.

    Martha Declan

  • I'm not one to gush, but I was extremely happy with the service I got from RemovalCompany recently. There is little more that I could have asked of them, in that they supplied everything that I needed! It is often the case that I feel a little confused about what I'm paying for when I am dealing with workers in the home, but the team manager gave me a comprehensive run down of all of the charges and how they applied, so I was happy to pay them for such a good job! Many thanks to all there!

    Margaret J.

  • When it comes to large organizational things like moving house, I am completely pathetic, and I am happy to admit that. It's just not my thing, so finding a company who made a living from helping out people like me who are so terrible at such things was a real relief. Essentially, the team from RemovalCompany made it so I was able to relax a little and devote my time to sorting out other things that the move had thrown up, besides just the transferring of all of my belongings from one place to another. A great company and a great job!


  • I was really happy with the service that the staff at RemovalCompany provided me on my recent removal. It is often difficult to know whether you are going to get a good team having booked your move with a company, but the guys were really good. The move went by really easily, and the team were friendly, even to my dogs! I would recommend that anyone looking to move use them, as they really did do an excellent job on my move. Thanks guys!


  • Knowing whether you have a good removals team is like knowing whether you have a bad egg in your basket, you can't know until you try it! There is a huge amount of risk involved in booking a removals company, as you can't sample or even see the goods! I hope that reviews like this one will put people's minds at rest, and let them book RemovalCompany for their move. The team were fast, friendly, safe and polite throughout the process and I was very happy with the standards I was presented with.

    Margaret Eliot

  • A big thank you to all at RemovalCompany who were so excellent on our recent move. I had reservations about how much to pay, but the customer services people assured me that the service was of a higher caliber than the competition. Luckily for us, they were right! I have had bad times with removals in the past, but this one went really rather well; there was no damage, everything was done quickly and safely, and we were moved in no time! I was happy to give them my money after such a successful and hard worked move.

    Jefferson Cracknell

  • I am pleased to say that the team from RemovalCompany lived up to their advertising in every way possible. They were friendly to the last, gave a great service, and a fantastic price. What more could a customer want? Nothing was broken or damaged, and everything was treated with a great deal of care and respect, so I was very happy. I would recommend these chaps to anyone who is looking for great service and a good deal of care from their removals company, as that was what I got.

    M. Rutherford

  • Essentially, there is a not a lot more than I can say about RemovalCompany than ‘awesome'. They made my life a whole load easier and really made sure that everyone involved was calm, collected and well informed. My girlfriend and I are moving in together, and they moved both of us out of our current places, which meant that they job was a strange one. We both felt that they dealt with it amazingly however, so there is little more that I can ask of a company than that! Nice work everyone, it was a really good move!

    Mike Crow

  • I was really pleased with the removal that RemovalCompany helped out with. There was a lot to be done, and I am pretty busy with work at the moment, so they stepped in and made everything work pretty nicely. There is a lot to be said for service with a smile, so I was glad that they were friendly and polite at all times, as it is rare to find that nowadays. I hope that anyone who needs a great job done will go to them for their removals, as they are really excellent.

    I. Donovan

  • RemovalCompany are awesome removers. They made sure that everything was packed right before loading it up in a careful way that made sure that nothing was broken. I can assure you, I checked feverishly for anything that may have been damaged, but all was well, and the guys had done a great job. The move went well, without any delays, and the boys were amazing with my family, so we were all really pleased with the results. I'd happily use them again in a heartbeat, the value was that good. Thanks to all involved, it was excellent.

    Ted Edwards

  • I did not know much about the removals industry, but what I did know was that it is expensive and pretty hard work to get your house moved. After dealing with RemovalCompany I learned that you can't beat a hardworking team of movers, as they get the job done really effectively, and make your life a lot easier overall, with various aspects of the move being covered. You will likely not find a better lot than these men, as they are diligent and made everything seem easier that I could have imagined. Great work.

    Ron Cramer

  • We'd like to say thanks to the guys and girls who helped our house move last week. It was a pleasant experience, which was a surprise given the regular nature of moving house! RemovalCompany made our lives much easier, and we were delighted that there was not nearly as much hassle involved in the process as we had perhaps presumed. The staff were lovely and the service was great. Brilliant value for money overall as well. Thanks so much!

    Steven L.

  • I have to say, I was somewhat intrigued by the website, so when I called up RemovalCompany I was very happy to talk to a friendly voice, who laid everything out so that I could understand it all. This meant that I was well prepared for the move itself, and felt like I was as much at the helm as the removals men. The team made me feel very relaxed, and I would certainly say that the value is there; the move was absolutely fine, and the staff friendly, so what more could you ask for really?

    Mary Moore

  • Moving out of a city centre apartment is hard to do when you've got a lot of stuff to bring downstairs and limited time on the parking meter. Hiring RemovalCompany was the best decision I ever made. A man and van service sounds basic, and it is, but it made all the difference for me as I had an extra (and very capable) pair of hands and a big enough vehicle to accommodate all my belongings. It was possible to get it all out of the flat in little over an hour, and then move it into my new place that same morning.

    Andy Lee

  • I would definitely recommend RemovalCompany for house removals. When my husband and I moved into our first home, the service we received was fantastic. Every stage of the procedure was planned by the removal men and explained to us at the first meeting, which helped to settle our nerves and gave us confidence that we were in safe hands. It was important to me that some of our precious possessions (i.e. photo frames and vases) were treated carefully and the removal team took care to wrap them all up and make sure that they were protected. Everything else was done speedily and professionally. Very happy!

    Charlotte S.

  • I have moved with many different removal companies, who have each let me down in some way, be it by losing or damaging some of my possessions, arriving late or just approaching the work with a poor attitude. As soon as I hired RemovalCompany to carry out my removal it became clear that this firm is a cut above the rest. The entire move was coordinated according to my needs, with the moving times set for my free time. Before the boxes were loaded, each one was marked with what they contained and the room into which they were going, a plan which was stuck to through the end. I could not be happier with how it went.

    Ryan Murray

  • I came across RemovalCompany after being recommended by several friends who had an excellent experience moving with them. Even with such high expectations, they did not disappoint. The whole move was well-organised and professional from the get go with each box loaded and unloaded in precisely the order intended. The staff were highly adept and approached the removal with a strong work ethic which was very reassuring. None of my items were damaged in any way, with all valuables handled with extreme care.

    Lynne Smith

  • Let me tell you something. My apartment was not any easy one to manoeuvre about at the best of times!!! It was comprised of very narrow hallways (trying to set up furniture in there was a nightmare when I moved in) and then there's the fact that it happened to be several stories high in a tower block. Not ideal for moving places, right?! Anyway I'd heard of these guys by word of mouth cos I realised I'd need the help. And when they turned up they were real pros. Seriously I don't know how they did it but they somehow managed to move everything out of my apartment and into my new place over one afternoon!! And no scratches on the walls or anything. Couldn't have asked for a better move, cheers guys!!

    Shane Daniels

  • I have moved a lot over the last forty years, up and down the country with work and family and it is fair to say that I have had my fair share of horror stories. In fact, if you can name it then it has probably happened to me on moving day. As a result, you won't find anyone more cynical about moving companies than I am, but I was pleasantly surprised by Removal Firm. They reminded how simple basic customer service is so my wife and I would wholeheartedly recommend this service to anyone.

    Ian Jones

  • I couldn't believe how efficient and reliable Removal Firm was in executing my home removal. They provided me such high-quality service all at an affordable price. All their staff members were quick workers and friendly throughout the process. This company is extremely trustworthy and you can count on them to get any job done, no matter how big or small. I was on a tight time-frame and they accomplished everything before my deadline. I couldn't have asked for a better service, they were just perfect!


  • The team at Movers were so affordable and they provided a great service. I called them for a recent home relocation after a great review by a friend. I was a bit hesitant because I had hired some shabby house removals in the past but this was a great decision. I had no problems throughout the move and they made it stress-free. I really appreciate their service and their advice throughout the process. They helped me make travel arrangements and I was able to settle in my new home quickly. What a great service!

    Libby K.

  • Thanks to the team at Moving Company who made my recent office relocation. The process was so daunting and there were many arrangements that had to be made. Luckily, this company knew exactly how to go about a complicated business move. They had all the appropriate equipment for the move and were extremely professional. I didn't even have much business down time, which I expected. They really understand how to operate a great removal company and they are surely recommendable.


  • Working with Moving Company for my office relocation was one of the best choices I have made during the entire moving process. I had a lot of trouble selling the property and I was so happy to finally be working with a company who were professional and reliable. I was extremely impressed with all the work they did for me, as they worked on my schedule and didn't disrupt the work routine. They offered affordable prices and there service was professional and reliable. I would recommend them for any move! Great job Moving Company.

    Hector Dawson

  • I chose Removals for my home relocation and they were superb with every aspect of the move. They not only planned the move from the very first call, but they ensured that everything was to my liking throughout the move. They customized their service to better fit my needs. And, their staff were reliable, friendly and professional. I couldn't have made a better choice! Definitely call Removals for your home move as they have the expertise and skills for the move.

    Peter Iaon

  • I cannot thank Removals enough for the excellent move they did for me. I had to move an entire business across the country and they were well equipped for the task. I had a lot of valuable items that need to be transported in an organized way and many documents that could not be lost. But they were easily able to handle every task I gave them. They put no extra stress on my business and I didn't lose valuable time. I was so impressed with their service and their affordable prices!

    Ed C.

  • I want to give a big thank you for everything Removal Firm did for my move. They were there for me every step of the way and took care of every task. Barely had to lift a finger because there team of skilled movers performed everything, including my packing, heavy lifting and transportation. They were careful when handling my belongings and took care so they wouldn't be lost or broken. My entire move went swiftly and I can't thank them enough.

    Sasha Clooney

  • Moving home shouldn't be difficult, so that is why I called Removals. They have helped me in the past and I knew they would do it again. They provided information and advice when I called, so once their team was at my address, I knew things would go well. Their staff packed all my goods in no time and had managed to lift and carryall of my furniture. They transported my things safely and on time, so I was never without anything. Twice they have made my move a success and I know they can do it for you too.

    Clarissa Baker

  • The last time I moved home it was a disaster. My things weren't packed properly so some were lost and damaged. I hurt my leg carrying furniture upstairs and I broke the seat of my car cramming boxes inside of it. Wanting to avoid all this for my next move, I contacted Movers and I want to thank them for showing me how easy a move can be. They did all of these chores quickly, but took care of everyone. My transition was a success so I want to express my gratitude to them.

    Lucy Nichols

  • I can never settle on something for too long and so I always like to change things up. This is especially true when it come sot where I live so I find myself moving often. In order for my relocation to go smoothly, I called Removals immediately because I knew they could pack my goods, carry furniture and drive everything to my new address. They ensured that things went smoothly and that I didn't have to worry about any problems occurring because they guarantee a successful removal for a great price.

    Geoff Lee

  • What impressed me the most about Movers was how they were with me every step of the way. From the moment I called, they were making my move better by answering my questions and giving me advice. They made sure I got the services I wanted and a good deal. Their moving team handled my goods carefully when packing and lifting hem, and were able to quickly and safely drive them to my new address. The entire move was covered thoroughly and expertly, giving me the best result.

    Katherine S.

  • Knowing I was to soon be moving, knew I would need help in getting the process done. I had looked into many firms to see which one would be the most suitable and Removal Firm were ahead by a mile. They dedicate themselves to helping a customer and performing all the necessary tasks. They did this for me and gave me a move that was swift and successful. They took into account my circumstances, needs, and gave me an experience that saw to my desires.

    Randall K.

  • I have moved home before but I have never had such a pleasant experience as I did with RemovalCompany. They were there for me from the very beginning, making sure I had and knew everything I needed. They gave me advice and information before the real work started and when it did, they delivered. They had an elite team pack and carry all my good before driving them to my new address. A difficult procedure became simple when they performed it and I know I'll hire them again the next time I move.


  • I travel a lot because of work so it can be hard to attend to other matters. I needed to move from my old abode to a new one but I didn't have much time to spend on it. I knew immediately that the answer was a removal service, specifically Removals. They dedicate themselves to making moves simper and doing all it takes to make them successful. They carried out every task for me so I could go about my business and still have an excellent removal.

    Daniel R.

  • When I first called RemovalCompany, I was unsure. I needed help with my move but I didn't know if they would be able to provide what I needed. I had specific requirements, such as only needing help with certain aspects, needing things to be done for a specific time and requiring only so many people. When I started talking to them I realised they could do all this. They offer a flexible service, giving their customer's exactly what they need instead of rigid packages. I was thoroughly pleased with the assistance I obtained and I know anyone else will be too.

    W. Corgan

  • I feel that Removals are one of the first removal companies available. They went the extra mile for my move, providing everything I could ever want, filling me in on each aspect and making sure that all my needs were catered to. They treated me as an individual, giving me help I needed and supporting me in an applicable way. All my things where swiftly and safely taken to my new address, so I cannot fault anything they did for me, offering five star service.

    Jeff W.

  • I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards Moving Company. I was not looking forward to moving home because of all the tough work involved but they handled everything for me. They packed my things, carried my furniture, drove everything to my address and even offered storage faculties. They showed me they cared as much about my move as I did and for that, I want to thank them.

    Harold Jones

  • I run a small business and I had needed to relocate to a new office. My old building was no longer adequate so was looking forward to starting fresh in a new spot. However, I soon discovered that I would not be able to pack my things and transport them because my usual work duties were to demanding. I decided to get Removal Firm a call to see if they could make things easier and they did much more than that. Their team of professional movers handled the job in its entirety, meaning I didn't have to abandon my work.

    Karen S.

  • I didn't know much about removals so I consider myself lucky that I got in touch with Movers when I did. There told me about everything that is needed to be done and enlightened me to things I never knew about. I didn't realise how much work would go into packing my goods, what items I need, and how long it would take. I didn't know that I may have needed storage facilities to hold my goods or would need to clean my abode before I left. They left nothing to chance and prepared me to manage my move and do it properly.


  • I had been meaning to move for a while but never got around to it. All the work involved get putting me off and after several months, I only had one or two boxes packed. Eventually, I decided to get things done so I gave Removals call. I wish I had done so months ago because after talking with them for half an hour I had a team of movers at my home within a few days. Those two boxes turned into two dozen and all my things were safely transported. A swift service, dial for anyone about to move.

    M. Patel

  • One of the worst memories I have is moving as a child. I remember hating every minute of it, so when it was time for me to move again, I was expecting the worst. However, with the help of Removal Firm, I was able to see the bright side of moving. I really want to thank everyone at Removal Firm for tuning my worst nightmare into a wondering dream that you helped bring to reality. Had it not been for you all, I would never have enjoyed moving and wouldn't even have gotten anything done in time. God bless you all!

    Enrichetta W.

  • What's going to work? Team work! That is exactly what the staff at RemovalCompany did when they handled my furniture removal. I had very old, large pieces of antique furniture that required a lot of care and TLC. Staff did incredibly, working together to ensure that my furniture remained in tip top condition. I was very happy to see a team so dedicated to fulfilling my needs. I would therefore like to say a big, fat thank you to each and every single one who was a part of my removal experience. You are all fab and did an excellent job.

    Leah T.

  • I have moved offices twice in the past and was very disappointed on both occasions. On the first occasion some of my equipment was damaged and on the second occasion, some of my files were lost, which is why I decided to ask Movers to take charge of my removal. I am glad I changed removal companies, because Movers are fantastic in every aspect. All of my items made the move successfully and none of my equipment was damaged. This is exactly what is expected from a good removal company. Well done and thank you.

    I. Doherty

  • I had been thinking about changing my office location for a while, so when I saw the perfect unit go for sale, I didn't hesitate to put down an offer. Now the only problem I faced was removing my whole office, which was a pretty large unit to start off with. I rang many companies and settled for RemovalCompany who actually specialised in office removals. I was more than pleased to see that their specialism really showed during the whole removal process. I am glad I decided to hire a service that specialised in my type of removal.

    Ben P.

  • Removals are good, better and great all shoved into one, if that is even possible. There are no limits to the services that they provide. When I was unsure about anything during my removal, I knew that I could get my answers with just a quick phone call. My removal was a complete success, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Removals you are a great company and your members of staff are professional, hardworking and dedicated. Keep up the good work!

    Sonya Fields

  • As a first time mover, I had no idea how to go about packing all of my belongings. I had so many I didn't even know where to start. I hired a packing service of Removal Firm and realised that they also offered super removal rates but thought that I would stick to packing services. After seeing what a great job the staff had done, I knew that they were the best people to handle my removal, and I ended up hiring their services to handle my removal too. I do not regret my decision at all because their work was spectacular!

    Arnold Ryan

  • As a student about to start University, I was totally confused about the items that I needed to take with me and which ones I should leave behind. I decided to use a packing service offered by RemovalCompany and must say that I am so glad that I made that decision. They were so professional and upon arriving at halls of residence, I realised that they had in fact packed everything that I would need as a student. They were super friendly and charged a reasonable price. I would be lost without them!

    Fred T.

  • I am busy and always on the road, so when I decided to move from my rental house to an apartment I needed a company that could provide boxing, packaging and removals as I just didn't have the time. RemovalCompany were able to do all of these services for me at a great cost too. Arrangements were made as it was a big job to do and RemovalCompany came on time to pack the house up. They were friendly, polite and professional in their work. Their work was exceptional. I can't recommend them enough. I've recommend this removal company to all my contacts and their ecstatic over them. Thanks a lot!

    Angie Snow

  • I needed a facility to store some of my valuable possessions as I hadn't found a property that I liked. Knowing it would take time I wanted a secure place to hoard my items so a pal told me about Removals. I got in touch with Removals and explained the problem, the staff were exceptional they advised me of what to do and the move went brilliant. I now feel confident that my things are safely stored until I find the right home.

    Tom Bream

  • We had spent many years living overseas but as our retirement approached my wife and I wanted to return home to see more of our grandchildren. So we needed storage facilities for our belongings we had accumulated over the years before we moved into our new home. RemovalCompany provided us with just that when our shipment was delivered to the storage facility it was handled exceptionally well by the friendly professional staff of RemovalCompany. The whole lot was kept safe and secure great job guys.

    Tom Powers

  • How can I begin to thank Moving Company for their endless help and support? They've just been brilliant from beginning to end - really helpful and professional. Their prices are good too. Most of these removal companies are just so expensive and completely unaffordable to most people. However Moving Company is very much affordable. They offer services at great value for money. My favorite thing about this company though is their staff, particularly the team of movers. Those guys were brilliant - thorough and hardworking. They did all the loading and unloading and even took some of my heavy boxes to the front door of my new house. I highly recommend them to all.


  • I move around all the time and it's really difficult to find a removals company I can utterly rely on for each and every one of my moves. I've had a terrible history with removal companies and it really put me off moving in the end because I was sick and tired of having to put up with rubbish removal companies. So it was a relief when I found Removals. They were everything I needed in a removals company - reliable, hardworking and affordable. My idea of a fantastic company! Well recommended.

    Janet Harper

  • My sister and I used Moving Company about three months ago and we'd just like to say how pleased we were with their service. The team of movers was great. Each member of the team was friendly, diligent and efficient. They were really careful with our things as well. When they'd gone, we had a look over our things and thankfully, nothing was damaged in any way. They carried out the task professionally. We would personally recommend them to all.

    Dorothy Campbell

  • As a mum of two demanding kids, I wasn't looking forward to moving whatsoever. I was expecting it to be a disaster. Fortunately, Removal Firm did all of the loading, unloading and lifting, which allowed me to focus on my kids whilst they did their job. It was a real relief because I thought they'd be playing havoc during the moving process but it all went really well actually. When all my stuff arrived, I inspected it and every object was in the condition I'd left it in. Nothing was stolen either. I was really happy with their service and over the moon with the team of movers. They worked really hard.

    Hannah Poe

  • I hired Removal Firm to do the packing and the transportation of my belongings. I was over the moon with their service. All my items were packaged well and the boxes they used are such good quality, you could actually use them again and again. In terms of the move itself, that also went well and smoothly. The team of movers was competent and hard working. Each member of the team helped me with the unloading and even took some of the heavier boxes to my front door. Thank you very much Removal Firm!

    Lisa Green

  • I travel all the time - several times a year, more or less. I, of course, really enjoy travelling and exploring other countries but the thing that gets me down the most is the chore of having to find a removals company I can trust to store my belongings with. My mum recommended RemovalCompany. She said they were great. I took her advice and hired a storage unit from then. The storage unit was dry, clean and secure, to my satisfaction. It was a perfect place to store my belongings. After I came back after travelling, everything was still in great condition. Very happy!

    Tina Feltz

  • Moving can be tense and when you are incredibly busy you need a reliable and resourceful company. So a friend of mine recommended Removals. I contacted them for further information and a price, and was very satisfied with the services and cost. On removal day Removals arrived slightly early, which was not a problem and began immediately. They didn't stop until they were finished moving all of my stuff. I was impressed with their professional services and would certainly advise anyone moving to use these guys.

    Harry George

  • When my husband and I moved a few months ago, we used a company called Removals. They were very efficient and hardworking - we were very impressed by their service. They transported our belongings safely in a brand new looking van. The team of movers did all the loading and unloading, as well as taking our heavy boxes to the front door of our new home. This saved my husband the job of heavy lifting, as this plays havoc with his back and legs. Overall, we were both happy and would definitely hire them again.

    Janine Chapman

  • I used Moving Company's man in van service, and I have to tell you, I was impressed with their service. When you're on a budget, like me, you often have to put up with a less than great service. But with Moving Company, you get a great service at great value for money. They treat you well and really respect you. All my things were transported in a clean and modern looking van and the driver was very careful when driving. I was thoroughly impressed by this service and will keep them in mind for the next time I move.


  • I've used Moving Company several times now and I'm still just as pleased with them as I was when I first used them. They treat all their customers with respect and do all they can to make you happy. Unlike some of the large removal companies, Moving Company maintains a personal approach with its customers and that's what I adore about them. Overall, I highly recommend them and I am certain you'll be just as impressed with them as I am.


  • Due to my heavy working schedule, I didn't have hardly any free time to devote to moving and the chores that go with it. I was chuffed when Movers told me they could carry out the whole move for me. And so they did. They did all the planning and packing, which may I say they made a fantastic job of. On the day of moving, I was present but I didn't do much. The team of movers did most of the work. They did all the loading, unloading and lifting of boxes. I didn't have to lift a finger. They were fantastic.

    Linda I.

  • I was 100% satisfied with Removals. Customer service was brilliant - the woman I dealt with was kind and helpful and answered all my questions. The removal men were also great and extremely dedicated to what they were doing. Unlike some companies I know of, the removal men at Removals help you load and unload, and do not simply transport your items from one house to another. This is a fantastic company and I recommend them.


  • When you're on a budget, like me, you have to usually compensate on the service you receive. But with Removal Firm they treat you like a queen and they make their services completely affordable at all. What I love most about them is that they are very professional. If you have any questions, customer service is always ready to help. The removal men are always more than happy to do all the loading and unloading, which helps a lot, especially as I am a young girl. I've recommended Removal Firm to all my friends because they are always on the lookout for a decent removals company that they can afford.

    Charlotte Moore

  • To be frank, I didn't know what to make of Removals when I first called them up. I was greeted by a woman who gave me the wrong information. I wasn't impressed at all. However, my mind changed when the manager of the company apologised several times and offered me a discount. Apart from that, I've had no problems with Removals. All I can say is that they've been really helpful and I think they offer good value for money. Well recommended!

    Phoebe B.

  • Movers are fab! I moved with them and their team and removal services were simply superb! I have recommended this company to so many people already and I would recommend them to you too. Move with this company and enjoy a cheap and cheerful relocation!

    John Davidson

  • This company boasts professionalism, hard working staff, fantastic team work and excellent communication. On top of all of this, they offer top quality relocation packages which will not cost you the earth. Having moved a few times before, I knew that relocating was no cheap game and was no doubt going to cost me an arm and a leg - or near about that! Moving with RemovalCompany didn't cost me half as much as I had initially thought and they definitely earned their money because of the hard work and time that went in to the move.


  • I have used Moving Company twice now for their fantastic low priced and very professional removal services and neither time have I been disappointed. After using them for the second time I realised that they really were a very good company indeed and my excellent treatment and services the first time was not just something similar to beginners luck. This company is the one to choose and if I move again I will not be hiring any other than this one.

    Ellliot H.

  • I chose this removals company for my business move and have not looked back. A move (the same move) with another removals company was going to cost me double of what it cost me at Movers and plus, as well as having a cheaper relocation, this company have me so much more additional free help and advice too. I would recommend this company instantly because they are the best around!

    Emma J.

  • I live in rented accommodation and needed a company to provide me with the right kind of removal services that wouldn't cost me a fortune and would suit the amount of items that I had to relocate. I contacted a few companies but didn't have any look, as they only catered for people who were moving a large number of belongings and other companies said that they would take on my removal project but they were to charge me the same price that they would have charged someone who was moving a huge number of items. I later found an advertisement from RemovalCompany and so I decided that I had nothing to lose if I gave them a quick call. They were very happy to hear from me and I felt that they weren't just interested in getting money from me. They assured me that they take on all moves of all sizes and so the fact that I didn't have a huge item load was not a problem for me or them. They treated me equally as good as they did with other, higher paying customers and the moving day went as smooth as clockwork. Thanks to all of you who helped me out and who made my move successful and stress free for me!


  • I only had a small amount of items to relocate, as I have always lived in rented, furnished accommodation. I thought that my move was going to cost me an arm and a leg in removal services, but thank goodness that this wasn't so. I chose to relocate with Removal Firm who calculated my total bill based on the amount of belongings that I needed to have moved! Thanks a lot to all of the team!


  • Moving Company undertook my office removal and thanks to them, the relocation went very well and without any problems. They met their deadlines and did everything that they said they would and had promised me. Most of the time, as I am sure many of you will know, many removal companies advertise a high number of services which they claim to offer yet very really live up to what they promise. This company however, was different. They gave me the option to choose a time and date which would be most convenient for me, my employees and my business to move with them. When it came to moving day, everything went by quickly and without any troubles. I didn't have to close up my business for too long and we didn't lose any valuable business time either!

    Laila Charlton

  • My furniture is very expensive and I didn't want to leave it in my house whilst I went away for a while to visit my friend. Moving Company told me they could store my furniture for as long as I wanted and gave me all the essential information I needed there and then over the phone. I booked a date, happy with what I heard and trusted them to look after my things. They were so professional and I was more than impressed with their service. I will be using them again sometime in the near future.


  • Me and my wife have used Removal Firm numerous times. We've had really bad experiences with moving companies. Our things have gotten damaged, broken and some of our items have even gotten lost or nicked. At last, we've finally found a great removals company that we can rely on now for every time we move. All of our things were delivered in the exact same condition they started in. We feel like a burden has been taken off of our shoulders and now if we move again, we'll know who to call. We've even told friends and relatives about them.

    Ken D

  • Removals is a highly professional removals company that I would recommend to anyone seeking a trustworthy and overall brilliant removals company. From start to finish, the removal men worked so hard and so quickly. They didn't even stop to have a rest or a drink. I was really happy with their price. After all, they were true professionals and it wasn't hard to part with cash when you know you're giving it to hard-working people. Thank you very much. I wish you all at Removals the best of luck for the future.


  • Relocating is quite simple and yet most removal companies can and rsquo;t get it right so that their client doesn and rsquo;t suffer as a result of their blunders and mistakes. If you are like me and are looking for a removals company who have experience, knowledge and a highly skilled and dedicated team of workers then I would choose Removal Firm. If I ever have to relocate again I would choose them again without a doubt. I have already used them and if you too are like how I was a few months ago then I would say choose them!

    Sean Reid

  • Moving with and nbsp;Movers was a doddle. Everything was done how I wanted and they were there whenever I needed them. I can and rsquo;t complain and think they were absolutely super!

    Maria Jackson

  • Fast services and pretty painless too! and nbsp;Moving Company are as you might say just what the package says. They say they are professional and in my experience they were. They claim that their prices are low and yes, they were very reasonable. The company says that they offer an extensive list of useful services and they really proved themselves there too. I had a rather large amount of personal belonging that I needed the company to move from my old house to my new property and I didn and rsquo;t think that many companies would be too keen on taking me on as a client. I thought that I would be limited on which removal companies I would be able to use and in the end I found that and nbsp;Moving Company were the team for me. They were more than capable of handling my large amount of items and moved them with ease. All of my belongings were kept in perfect condition and arrived at my new home in perfect condition, just how I had left them. I am chuffed that I chose this team and would use them again if I ever decided to move again.


  • I am truly happy with my choice of removal companies. You hear so many horror stories about relocations gone wrong, but with and nbsp;Removals everything was the complete opposite. I have recommended them to a friend who has recently moved and she too was more than satisfied with what she experienced from this firm. Top class team!!!


  • I really appreciate how helpful and nbsp;Removal Firm were when they relocated the items from my home to my new house last week. Not only did they do a great job, they were careful, friendly and polite. The team that I dealt with were lovely and deserve all of the appraisals and good references that they get. I have already recommended them to others and I hope they keep up the terrific work!

    Briony Hayes

  • I hired and nbsp;Removal Firm to take care of my move to my new working environment and I must say that I was more than impressed with their services. My relocation didn and rsquo;t cause me any disruptions and everything happened really quickly and was done with the best possible quality. Despite what I initially thought, the removal didn and rsquo;t interfere with my work schedule! I was able to continue as normal and my staff were happy that they were not disrupted either. All of my staff were all happy with the firm and rsquo;s help and so was I! I think this company is definitely worth hiring if you are looking for a reputable team!

    Lisa Manfield

  • I would like to say many thanks to the fantastic team of movers of Movers. These guys helped me on the worst day of my life and made it feel less painful. I won't forget your help and would highly recommend your team to all of my friends.

    L. Clarkes

  • I can't recommend Removal Firm enough. I don't think I will find a better moving company anywhere in England. Their customer support team was very kind and the moving crew they sent was also polite, competent, reliable and honest. Great value for money!

    H. Wallace

  • The moving men from Removal Firm were capable and very skilled. I was very stressed at first but they were so careful, cracked a few jokes and made me have a very good time during the whole process. I am very happy with their company and team!

    L. Austine

  • I had moved many times before, but this was the first time I used a professional removal company. The team of four movers were absolutely organised and paid attention to every single detail. I want to express my gratefulness to the movers from Movers, I wish them all the best!

    B. Pilato

  • I had to relocate my furniture and my electronics to my parents' house, because I got a new job in another country. At the recommendation of my manager I called Moving Company to book them for a date. All was set and when their team arrived I was very glad to see that they were very well equipped, introduced themselves and go straight to work. It was a pleasure to deal with them!

    W. Acton

  • I also hired Moving Company for my office relocation last month and I was satisfied with my representative,Claudia, who explained the whole procedure to me ahead of time. At the end of the day there were no additional charges and everything went the way they predicted. Great job!

    N. Chah

  • I really enjoyed moving with Moving Company. The moving men were fast, polite, hard-working and very careful with all of my belongings. I will recommend them to all of my friends, family and co-workers. Thank you very much!

    N. Jepp

  • I contacted several companies for my storage removal and Moving Company was the one which offered me a cheaper service than anyone I got quotes from. The communication between me and their office were excellent, and they answered all of my questions and sent me the most reliable and capable team of movers. I will use their services again.

    T. Langdons

  • I had to relocate my office and I needed a good moving company to help me. I did some research on the internet and the only company that really stood out was Movers. I contacted their office and the guy on the phone, Alan, was very kind and honest. He sent three movers and they were all qualified and hard-working. Great experience!

    H. Gauch

  • Thank you very much Removal Firm! You really helped me in a very difficult time. Your moving men came on time, wrapped everything for me and loaded it onto their van. They were extremely careful and polite. I would definitely use them again in the future.

    K. Parhul

  • We just moved to a new house and the team from Removals helped us. The men were well-trained because they did everything on their own and didn't waste a second of their time. They were also very careful with our belongings. Thank you very much!

    V. Dacam

  • I hired Moving Company to move my house from Derby to Sheffield and I was satisfied with their services. The movers came on time and got the job done in no time. What I also liked about them was that they were absolutely honest about their rates.

    W. Noppala

  • I had an amazing experience with Movers. I had a long distance move and I was a bit worried about my belongings. Maria from their customer service department was always there for me to inform me about when my items would be delivered. I received everything in the same condition as I left it. It's a very reliable company!

    H. Savill

  • I had an amazing experience with RemovalCompany. It was my first time moving and I preferred to use professional help. In my opinion everything you need to know is outlined by the person who helps you from customer support. My rep, Claudia, was very kind and helpful. The team she sent were also polite and efficient. I strongly recommend RemovalCompany to anyone!

    M. Sanburne

  • I chose RemovalCompany to help me move my dad's old piano to her new home. I was searching all over the Internet for professional moving company and it seemed they were the best one. They came 5 minutes early and got everything ready. I was happy to see how careful they were. My dad was also happy to see his piano delivered without a scratch. Thank you once again!

    L. Dauksze

  • I would like to thank Moving Company for the fantastic job. I had my condo renovated so I needed a storage unit for my furniture. Their team came, picked everything up and delivered the load within the schedule. All my items were in the same condition as I left them.

    D. Nigham

  • Hello Moving Company! Thank you for the amazing moving experience. Your moving team were very knowledgeable and careful with my belongings. And they managed to fix my old table. I have already recommended your company to all of my friends and family!

    A. Spraggan

  • I love my new home and thanks to the professional team of RemovalCompany all my walls and floors are in perfect condition after the move. The guys were careful and respectful to my new home. They double wrapped some of my furniture to be sure that it wouldn't leave a scratch on my new floors. Thank you very much - I appreciate your services.

    G. Prasad

  • Excellent customer service. The delivery was made within the estimated time, and nothing was lost or even damaged. I was very satisfied with Removal Firm and I will use their services again if needed. I wish them success!

    D. Gheta

  • I contacted four moving companies and Movers was the only one to explain the entire process to me and offered an estimate and actual price. Their representative Maria was always there for me if I had any questions. Thank you very much for the great help!

    B. Douglas

  • Removal Firm completed my move from Leeds to London and I couldn't be happier. They wrapped every piece of furniture I had and loaded everything very carefully. All of my furniture arrived in good shape. Thank you very much once again!

    D. Roy

  • Following a recommendation we have just been moved by Removal Firm from London to Bangor. They were on time, extremely helpful and polite. I think I made the best choice. I will use their services again if needed!

    C. Agarkar

  • I am having my condo renovated and I needed someone to take my furniture that I had wrapped. A friend of mine recommended Removal Firm for me and I hired them. They delivered my furniture yesterday in perfect condition, without any scratches. This is the best removal company!

    L. Spirykov

  • The moving men were very helpful and the price they gave me was more than affordable. They moved all of my possessions easily and professionally. I would strongly recommend them to all of my family and friends!

    F. Broun

  • Well done to all the people who work for Removals and who helped my family to move from West to South London. I had to work that day so I left everything to my wife and she was impressed by the movers from the company. They even helped her put everything in the right places in our new home. Your service is much appreciated!

    G. Teversham

  • I rang several moving companies and Removal Firm was the one who gave me a very affordable price. I did not know what to expect, but at the end of the day I can honestly say that this was the best moving experience ever. The moving men even repaired my old sofa. Thank you very much, I will definitely recommend your company to any of my friends!

    R. Pickles

  • I had been let down by my previous removal company, so I started to search online for another moving company. Based on their positive reviews I decided to contact Removal Firm. From the moment I called them to the end they were absolutely professionals. They made my day hassle free. I want to say once again thank you and wish them all the best!

    N. Ace

  • I had a wonderful experience with RemovalCompany as well. The movers even arrived 10 minutes earlier than the estimated time. I hired two men to help me pack my stuff. I was surprised how respectful they were to my belongings. Even when loading one of them was in the moving van making sure everything fit nice and tight, all the way up to the top. I would recommend RemovalCompany to all of my friends and family. Best regards!

    S. Ghazali

  • I have used Movers a number of times before and it was a pleasure to work with them again yesterday. They were on time as always, organized everything and started working very hard the minute they showed up. I did not see them take a single break. Today all of my items are here in good shape. Thank you!

    N. Pieper

  • This review is a bit late, because I used the services of RemovalCompany a year ago, but I did not have the time to sit down and send my thanks to the company back then. Today I want to do it not only on my behalf but on my mother's behalf too. She used their excellent team 2 days ago and she was impressed just like me. I wish this company all the best!

    O. Buryshkin

  • Thank you very much, Removals. Your services were quick and safe. You got all of my furniture across the city in one piece. I could not be more pleased. Your company provides the best services.

    T. Ghorpade

  • I hired three men to help me with my long distance house removal. I have to admit that the movers were very careful with my belongings. Everything arrived in perfect shape. And last but not least, I think their prices were pleasant surprise. Thank you!

    S. Rigas

  • Moving Company is absolutely the best. They arranged the pickup and delivery on time. All my fragile stuff arrived in perfect condition, just as I left them. I will recommend this company to any of my friends and colleagues.

    S. Donapoli

  • I had one of the best moving experiences with Movers. I had to move house on short notice and they fitted me for their next available date. The three men who came were very strong and organized. I am very grateful to all of the people who work for Movers and who helped me with my move. Thank you.

    N. Bond

  • We found Movers to be excellent for our office relocation needs. They were very well organized and got the job done in no time. They were better than our expectations. The communications with their office was also great. Thank you very much! Do not hesitate to use their services!

    J. Tam

  • Removals helped me to relocate my office stuff from London to Frankfurt, Germany. The moving men were total professionals. They informed me that they would store my furniture very carefully and they really kept their word. All of my furniture was delivered without any damage or even a scratch. Do not hesitate to use the professional services of Removals. Great company!

    E. Bach

  • I would like to say thank you for the great help you have provided to my family. Your office representative Wendy was so kind every time I had questions. You have a wonderful team of professionals, who took good care of our belongings, as if they were their own. Thank you once again.

    F. Sevin

  • I am strongly suggesting Moving Company if you need a reliable and honest moving services. All the people who work there are nice, hard working and extremely organized. They even came a bit earlier than the estimated time and finished faster. Communication with their office was also perfect. They even called me after the whole moving process to ask me if I was satisfied with their work.

    D. Cummins

  • The day of my move the movers arrived on time and worked hard the entire time, making sure everything was carefully packed and nothing was left out or forgotten. There were no hidden charges. Thank you very much for the great help Movers.

    M. Achari

  • Everything went just perfectly with Movers. I moved from Liverpool to Paris last week. From the first day of my move everything was great. The movers came on time and were very fast loading my stuff onto their truck. After two days everything was delivered to my new home in Paris. Everything went smooth without any damages. Strongly recommend!

    V. Nussenbaum

  • Removal Firm is a 5-star service provider. I couldn't be happier. They were right on time, fast and very efficient. I would recommend them to all of my friends.

    V. Baldron

  • All in all RemovalCompany did a very good job moving my family from Leeds to West London. The moving crew were very helpful as well. They took the stuff that I needed immediately and placed it into the appropriate room. It was very easy for me to place the rest. They have a really good team. Thank you!

    D. Sharma

  • I was very satisfied with the services of Movers, they provided the best services of all the companies I looked at. The whole moving process was hard, but they made it look very easy. I will recommend their company to anyone who needs a quick removal.

    G. Abbingh

  • My husband and I would like to say ''Thank you'' to the amazing staff of RemovalCompany for loading and unloading our items so carefully. Your crew is the best.

    T. Lestrade

  • I also had a positive experience with Movers. I had an office moving and a colleague of mine recommended this moving company for me. They wrapped all of my important books and folders very carefully. Nothing was missing or lost. Great company.

    L. Orellana

  • Excellent job! Everyone I dealt with was courteous and polite. This was my fourth time moving with Movers and everything went great as usual. They were at my home on time and finished everything very fast. I am very thankful and highly recommend this moving company to anyone who needs relocating.

    C. Dzivinskaya

  • The estimate for the removal was 100% accurate and the movers were on time. They padded the furniture carefully and manage to keep my floors clean. I recommend them highly!

    S. Cavalcante

  • We received three quotes and Removal Firm was in the middle so we decided to go with them. Their rep was friendly and gave us very helpful advice. I had to change my moving date 2 times and they were kind enough to meet my dates. The moving men were also very friendly and got the job done in no time. I planning to move again in a few months and I will call them again.

    J. Gutierrez

  • Greetings from France! I have just used the services of Moving Company to pick up a sofa and a washing machine. I wasn't sure if they were going to fit through the door, but obviously the moving team was prepared for such a situation and they moved everything without any problems. Thank you very much, I will definitely use your help again.

    S. Perro

  • I am a single mother and I was very impressed by the very competitive quote Removal Firm offered me. I moved from North to south London and I had a lot of things. I am so grateful to the three moving men, who did everything for me, they were really careful with all my belongings and even entertained my three children. Great service. Thank you very much!

    N. Peplow

  • The team of three men were really efficient and very kind, they knew what they were doing. I would recommend the services of Movers to all of my friends and relatives. It was a very good value for the money.

    M. Neil

  • All the companies I talked to prior to Movers didn't return my e-mails and calls. I was happy that finally I booked my move with Movers. They provided me with very good packing tips and advice. The whole moving process went perfect, not a single item of mine was broken or scratched. Great company!

    E. Trefor

  • The moving team of Removals were extremely pleasant and did a great job for me and my wife. It was our first time moving so we were a bit anxious, but all went perfectly. All the guys were helpful and made us feel relaxed. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    K. O'Malley

  • I employed Removal Firm when I sold my flat in Croydon and needed to move all of my furniture into storage. A very professional team came and got the job done in no time. It was a pleasure to work with a genuinely professional removal company.

    Amanda Sullon

  • I want to express my gratitude to the moving team of RemovalCompany for the fast services they provided. Two men and a big truck arrived right on time for my storage removal and moved my stuff in 2 hours. Thank you very much!

    Caroline Cosgrove

  • I moved from Lille to Reims, France and I was referred to Movers by a friend. On the day of the move the representative from their office called me to inform me that the moving team would be late 10 minutes. The guys were so friendly and cautious. They wrapped everything for me in no time and delivered it in perfect condition to my new home. I want to thank them for everything and wish them the best of luck.

    L. Qiun

  • RemovalCompany is a great company. I needed to move my office stuff to a new building, so a colleague of mine recommended this moving company for me. I do not have words to say how grateful I am to the crew. I thought it was going to be a huge mess, but thanks to these guys everything was kept in order. Thank you very much once again!

    M. Cobb

  • This was by far the best experience from beginning to end. My rep was helpful and was so kind to answer all my questions. Thanks, Maria, I appreciate all the emails and phone calls in a timely manner. Will definitely use Moving Company services again!

    J. Summerson

  • Removal Firm was as good as their reviews are. This was my 3rd time using them and I am more than happy to write a few good words for their amazing crew. They are always on time in front of my door, always friendly and extremely fast. I have never had a single item broken or scratched. Highly recommended!

    I. Gray

  • The whole my experience with Removals was great. The price was competitive with the other removal companies that I contacted and the representative of Removals was the quickest to confirm the nearest available time for the move, which was important for me. The whole process went smooth. Five-star service!

    O. Kay

  • We used the removal services of Moving Company last Friday and they did a great job for my father and me. We moved from a 1st to a 3rd-floor flat and they moved all of our items efficiently without any complaining. Thank you for your great patience and for answering all of our calls and questions. We wish you best of luck!

    Deepak Ushapati

  • I thought the whole moving process was going to be stressful, but it was actually quite good. The movers provided me with a great estimate and when the move was over, there were no extra charges. I will use the team from RemovalCompany again.

    Nishar Dinakar

  • I knew finding a long distance mover would be a little more difficult than finding a local one, but I actually got lucky. Moving Company did an awesome job helping me with my things from Barcelona to Berlin. They were reliable enough to bring me my belongings on time and in the same condition I left them. Thank you for your time and for treating my stuff with care.

    Cornelio Felipe

  • My family and I were moving such a long distance, and we sure did have a lot of stuff to move. My husband is a construction worker and we had relocate all of his tools as well. This, and with three kids, the move wasn't gonna be easy and it wasn't gonna be cheap. What I liked about Removals was their helpful advice on how to organize things. They also gave us a great price, and the move went really great; they arrived on time and packed everything very quickly. They delivered the next day. My husband and I are so relieved that everything came without any damage. My husband was especially worried about his tools, but there was no need. For any further removals we are going to use Removals again. Thank you so much!

    B. Ellis

  • I used the services of this company as well, and they were everything you could only dream a moving company to be - trustworthy, and reliable. Thank you for the great job. I wish you best of luck.

    G. Thompson

  • Removal Firm were absolutely fantastic. They were very careful with all of our belongings, polite and friendly. They wrapped and taped all of our furniture, and even took care not to damage the walls while moving the furniture. I simply think their services are the best.

    G. Smith

  • I was referred to Moving Company by a close friend for my move from Bolton to Manchester. I am really happy with their services, they have even offered me insurance for the removal. When all was said and done, the whole process went smooth.

    T. Litcott

  • A friend of mine recommended Moving Company for my storage removal and I am so happy with their services. Next time I need a hand I will be calling them right away. I had a terrible experience with another company and won't let this happen again.

    L. Risley

  • If your main concern is safe delivery at a reasonable price you should to contact Removal Firm. I have used their services and am quite impressed. They moved my things with a minimum of fuss. They offered high quality service and swift performance.

    L. Paton

  • It was an absolute pleasure working with Movers. Amazing how simple the process is when you've hired the right removals company. Thanks for the excellent work!

    K. Gee

  • I hired Moving Company to move my family's belongings 4 months ago. The crew were really kind and gentle especially with my father's Classic Ship Collection. You should have seen my father's face when all his things were delivered in perfect condition, nothing was lost. Lovely team.

    K. Ufford

  • I want to share my experience with Removal Firm as well. They arrived 10 minutes early for their 9 am start (on Saturday) and got us all moved in by 11:30. They were not only fast, but very efficient and careful at the same time. I admire their work. Thank you for everything.

    I. Scott

  • I fell down the stairs and broke my leg two weeks ago. Yesterday I needed a hand to move to a new flat closer to my workplace and a friend of mine recommended me Moving Company to help me with my stuff. I don't know how to thank them, other than by sharing my 100% positive feedback about their services. I will always be thankful for the help.

    John Litcott

  • I had to move from the 1st floor to 4th floor walk up. I searched for a company on the Internet and found Removal Firm. I called the office of the company and spoke with Alan, a really nice guy. He explained everything that I had to do before they came. The movers were at my door early in the morning. They introduced themselves and got to work immediately. I couldn't believe how fast they had everything everything and were careful with all of my belongings at the same time. If I have to move again I will definitely use their services. I'm really impressed.

    Lisa Thompson

  • When I contacted the removals company I was afraid that my collection of plates would be damaged during the transportation, but when the people from Movers came they carefully packed all my fragile possessions and delivered them unharmed to my new home. I am sincerely grateful for the help they offered me.

    O. Robertson

  • After I saw RemovalCompany in action all the stress and pressure I felt disappeared. Their staff is friendly and communicative and will always help you if you experience difficulties. Their work is impressive, and I will definitely recommend their service to my colleagues.

    L. Jenkins

  • I recently used Moving Company when I moved from a large one bedroom in West Wickham out to Hertford. Their rates were comparable to other movers. All the movers were friendly and professional. They worked fast and were incredibly careful with all my belongings. Alan and the other guys were fantastic and made my move so easy. Thank you guys! Great job!

    G. Parsons

  • My husband and I would like to applaud the team of Movers or hooking up all our electronics and hanging all our paintings, etc. It is so nice to see that there are companies like yours that offer such a great service. We wouldn't have been able to move so fast if it weren't for your professional team. We strongly recommend you to all of the people who need a hand for their moves.

    G. Parker

  • I had a removal from my old house in New Addington to my new apartment in Enfield. A friend of mine had use Moving Company before, so I hired them as well. I will definitely use them again for the next move. I had many small, valuable and breakable items, all of which arrived intact. Many thanks to the crew.

    L. Harley

  • These guys are the best you can get at a decent rate. I booked them after another company didn't bother to show up for our move from West London to Southampton. They scheduled us quickly and got the move done without any last minute haggling. I highly recommend Removal Firm to anyone who is sick of "uninterested" moving companies.

    B. Brown

  • I used Movers recently. They were really careful and patient, but speedy with it. Very reasonable price, and I recommend their packing service too, if you've got loads of kit. Well worth the extra.

    M. Horton

  • It was not easy finding a good removal company. Among the suggestions given to me, I chose RemovalCompany. Why? The services were not discouraging, the charges were not expensive and the men were so dedicated with their job! Who would not want to hire a complete package of moving services? I DID appreciate their passion of helping out customers. Thanks!

    H. Gregg

  • There is nothing I could say but “WOW! AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! SATISFYING!” about London Removals. When we moved out of our first family house due to business issues, we needed to pack everything from the living room to the bedrooms of our second floor. I knew how time consuming and stressful the process of moving but it was more attainable and less stressful with the team of removalists.

    M. Burette

  • My personal experience regarding moving day was less stressful and hassle- free. Thanks to the help of Removal Service. By the assistance and services of the company, all of my items from appliances to furniture were packed in proper boxes and loaded safely in the truck, I'm sure you would feel the same if you tried their services. I never doubted hiring them at all.

    S. Walsh

  • The time we needed to move was raining. We did not worry though because we had a team of professional movers from London Removals. They were so very helpful and reliable in every task they were assigned for. None among our things were damaged or stained despite the non-stop rain. It was a productive day moving out from our old house to the new home with those workers.

    M. Kelly

  • I've been living my whole life as a single and recently sold my mustang just to add up for the down payment of the new apartment I am going to rent. Since then I only use my motorcycle. The problem was I have lots of stuffs to carry and transfer into the apartment. One of my colleagues recommended RemovalCompany and it's exactly what I needed. It's a perfect timing and solution to have those guys working for me.

    M. Moore

  • When my Dad told me he was moving, I brought my car over, ready to do some heavy lifting. He told me it wasn't necessary. I saw guys from London Removals there. I was impressed. They weren't just efficient. They were courteous and helpful. Thanks London Removals for helping my Dad out! I'll be sure to contact you guys when I need stuff moved!

    R. Martin

  • Dealing with vintage car parts can be pretty hard. When I had to move some of my vintage car parts from my warehouse to my garage, I didn't want to have careless, burly moving men dealing with them. My mechanic recommended RemovalCompany, and they didn't disappoint. They were very, very careful in moving my fragile, vintage car parts. Thank you RemovalCompany!

    J. Leano

  • London Removals was a really, really, really big help for my business. I had to move out of my old rented place because I finally got my own shop. I have a lot of equipment that I had to move. London Removals was really helpful. They did everything, from packing to unpacking at my new place. Thanks for the help London Removals

    N. Howell

  • We used to live in the suburbs. My brother and I had lots of experiences in that house. We grew up there. A couple of years ago, we had to move out. The stuff in our apartment might not have been expensive, but they were filled with sentimental value. Removal Firm took extra care of our stuff like it was theirs. Thank you Removal Firm!

    N. Harris

  • When I got my divorce, I decided to move out of the house quickly. My friends came by with some guys from the Removal Firm. Thanks to them, the supposedly busy day turned to a girl's reunion and I was happy to have some company. The movers were able to finish packing and sorting out my things and they were able to transport them safely to my new home.

    C. Martin

  • The renovation of our office will not take place without the help of the Removal Firm. Since we need to move to our temporary office fast, we need the help of a fast and professional mover. Working with them did not disturbed our normal work schedule which we fear at first. We will definitely work with Removal Firm again


  • When my parents died in a car crash, I had to sell our house and move into a smaller one to ease the pain. During this process, I looked for a moving company that can assure me that everything will be handled with care even with minimal supervision for me. When the goods arrived at my new home, I was very satisfied to find them neatly packed and safely transported. Movers is a very reliable moving company

    Rcih Pincher

  • When I had finally bought a nice townhouse where my wife could spend our remaining years together, we decided to move in at once. We hired the RemovalCompany they made our move a second honeymoon for us. They took care of everything- packing, transporting, unpacking, and we were just happy. Our move to our new sweet house will always be a good memory. Thanks to the RemovalCompany .

    J. Ellen

  • A bit hesitant in the beginning about what removal company should I chose, later I happily found out that I took the right decision. The RemovalCompany team arrived on time and started the packing. Everything was packed carefully and loaded in 2 vans within few hours with no supervision at all.

    M. Smith

  • I have never imagined that a move could be more stress free and smooth. Thanks to Movers I experineced no troubles packing, transporting, unpacking but instead trusted the removal company for everything and said good bye to the neighbours.

    J. Ellen

  • Looking for a good RemovalCompany is never easy. I have tried at least six different moving companies and they never satisfied me. But when a friend recommended the RemovalCompany , all my views changed. Unlike the others, the RemovalCompany send men who work fast and with minimal instructions. They also assisted me in every process and I had the best moving experience with them ever.

    M. Smith

  • My family and I were moving out of a 3 bedroom home. With 4 children in the family, I really needed all the help I could get from packing to transporting our things. I'm glad I found Moving Company . They packed most of our things and they provided the manpower for the transportation as well. Moving Company virtually did most of the job. So, I was really satisfied with the service they provided.

    C. Jones

  • I was busy wrapping up the project I headed before I start a new one in my next area assignment. So I really did not have time to pack and to organize the move. With the help of London Removals this was not a problem. They packed my things for me. They also came with enough manpower and vehicle and took over the move. With such an efficient company, removals don't have to be stressful anymore.

    D. Stone

  • The most important thing for me is getting my things safely and intact. With Moving Company you get more than that. I really felt an easy transaction right from the first time I called them up. They came and packed my things fast and easy. They are also complete with equipment and vehicle so they were able to transport my things without any problem. It really made life easier for me too.

    J. Richmond

  • I have always hired Removal Firm whenever I need to move houses or my office. And I have always been satisfied of their service. They have helpful and friendly staff and movers. And they are always reliable when it comes to packing and transporting my things. I also used their storage facility once. Removal Firm is truly a full service company. For all your removals and storage needs, Removal Firm is a company you can trust.

    T. Dalton

  • I prepared for the move a few months back. But I really wanted to do the move in the most convenient manner. Through recommendation, I found Removal Firm . They packed my stuff quite well. And they transported them all safely to my new address. The move turned out to be as smooth as I wanted it to be. And the best thing was I did not have to spend as much on the fees too. Removal Firm is really the best for me.

    H. Rodriguez

  • I've moved several times in the last decade and I've never hired a company as efficient as Moving Company . Thanks guys for all the help. I'm surely glad I hired you this time. You guys are real pros. You came on time and did the job fast and efficiently. Because of that the move was stress free. And I still had the energy to unpack after you left. Thank you again for a job well done.

    S Olsen

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