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Why Moving to Belgium is a Good Decision

So thinking of moving to Belgium soon? You need to know basic information about the country first before you buy your plane ticket, ship your cargo, and live there for a long duration. But before we go into the details, you are making a good choice by moving to Belgium.
Belgium albeit small and densely populated is a highly-advanced country. It is strategically situated at the crossroads of Western Europe. It is one of the core members of the European Community, and is now an integral member of the European Union. As a matter of fact, the capital of Belgium which is Brussels is also the capital of the European Union. It is important that you know that Belgium is a federal state with three autonomous regions. There is Flanders in the North where the predominant language is Dutch or Flemish. Then there is Wallonia in the south where the inhabitants mainly speak French.  Then there is Brussels, which is located at the center of the country. The people in Brussels are bilingual.
Belgium is a culturally rich nation. This country boasts of grandiose castles, impressive town halls and churches, and of course artworks such as paintings from the Early Medieval ages. These cultural artifacts are spread all over Belgium. So if you are a connoisseur of aesthetics, you will be extremely delighted living in Belgium.
Most importantly, Belgium may possibly be the country with the highest quality of life in the entire world. It holds world records for their high productivity and very low poverty rate. They have first-rate health care, education, housing, and even the food tastes excellent. The characteristics of Belgian people are also very accommodating for they are pragmatic, open-minded, and diplomatic.
Moving to Belgium is definitely a good decision. It may be the right country for you.

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