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Why Moving in an Apartment is a Far Better Choice These Days

These days when everything is very uncertain due to the drastic movements in the global economy that impacts job security and lifestyle, people are thinking about where and how they can possibly adjust to this economic turmoil without the feeling of really being impacted. 
Some people are easily adjusting on staying with their families in order to save more while helping the family members while there are others who cannot keep the idea of living in with the family and start packing and move out. 
With these, where should these independence-seekers go?  Are they going to live in an apartment or buy a townhouse unit? Which is more practical and economical? 
     Living in an apartment allows you to adjust easily with changes in job. Let us say you are being transferred to a different job site, you do not have to worry about dumping the apartment as you can easily refund the advanced payments you have made.
    Living in a bought townhouse unit will tie you up on a monthly amortization which is rather a bigger financial obligation to carry.  And that it times when everything is uncertain, this is not a good and wise move to do as financial experts would claim.

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