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When to Buy Your Own Home and Move to It

Half of the reasons that are making one decision right are depending on the good time for doing something. It is very important not to be in a rush, but not to make it too late as well. When people are making mistakes, they are usually led by wrong judgment. And what is important for a good decision is the information and the skill to take what is most useful of what you hear and see.

  The step with buying your own house is connected with many concerns. There is not a rule when exactly or at what age to buy it. The different people have different needs and possibilities. That is why some of us unfortunately never even get the chance to buy a home for a lifetime, which is very sad fact actually. Many receive their first home from their rich parents before they even get twenty years old. Most people move to a new house when they are expecting children and this is understandable because then they will need more space and the old rented place is no good any more.

  However if you are one of those, who think that the moment is close, have the finances, but still are too indecisive to jump in the big water, here are some reasons that will help you take the important decision.

  There are many reasons to have your own place, and you have to be sure that the fors are more than the againsts especially in this case. Many people may find the first reason, which is the pride from the ownership as no so important and even good to be neglected, but the truth is that the physiological thing can be stronger than you can imagine. A simple word in life can change our attitude to certain things, and though it may seem hard to be explained, surely each of us has felt in this situation at least once in their life.

  If you look from the financial side of the question, you will probably agree that the real estate investment is still one of the best things to put your money in. Though this market goes up and down like any other, the fluctuation is not so big and you can even make significant profit if you sell in the right moment. To make the long story short – buying a house is one of the best ways to invest your money, in case you have nothing else to do with them in that very special moment.

  The home owners are glad to take advantage from the special policy most of the banks have for them. There is significant discount with the mortgage for such people.

  This kind of deduction is not the only one you can get when having your own house. In some countries like the USA where most of the couples and single people would rather rent, the Government has accepted certain measures that encourage people to buy, and then they are able to use many deductions. There are of course detailed examples for what is told here. When you are below fifty-five years and you are an owner, you can exclude 500 000 dollars from a profit capital you have made, when paying your taxes. The only condition is to have been leaving at least two of the last five in the house.

  Also the preferential tax treatment rule is very important. This means that when you have lived in your house for more than one year and you sell it with profit, this profit will be later considered as an asset. This asset will get low tax treatment.

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