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What Type of Insurance Coverage to Get

Insurance coverage is quite essential in order to give your things protection. Even when you essentially value your things more than money, at least you get reimbursed when any of your things gets lost or damaged. The good news is licensed and bonded removals companies include the cost of insurance in your fees. That is why it's important that you only hire licensed companies.   However, you don't necessarily get reimbursed by the full value of the lost or damaged item. Removals companies generally offer declared value coverage only. This means that your things will be valued by weight. If you are moving within the state you will only get $30 per 100 pounds. If you are moving to a different state, you get $60 per 100 pounds.   If you want to get the full value of the item, you should get full value protection. While this is the most expensive type of insurance, you get full protection. If you value protection that much then it would be worth getting this type of coverage.   If you want something in between the two types, you can get lump sum or assessed value coverage. Instead of weight this type of coverage is based on depreciated value of the goods. But you must understand that while this is cheaper you will not get the full replacement value of the item with this coverage.   In the end, your choice would depend on your budget and on how much protection you want to get while your things are in transit.

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