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What to Do to Move Glass Safely?

Your things made up of glasses can be the most sensitive when moving. A bump or a hump might just cause them broken. Worse, some of the glass items that the house have like the shower door or mirror are custom-made. It takes time to make another even if you already have the money for that.
The key when moving glass safely is a smart, slow, and safe moving. Here are some ways you can do for a safe, slow, and smart moving of glass materials:
   Route planning. With this, you know how your sensitive glass things be sent out from the house, load on the truck, be delivered to the new address, and unload to the new house. You can use a map for that or clean the hallway first before you move out the glass things. Whatever you do, just make sure that the glass will never touch the ground.
   Use the special carrying-of-glass technique. Remember, glasses can't support their own weight that is why they always need a frame for protection. When moving a glass, the best position is to carry it upright. Hold on its edge like how you would carry a plywood or a drywall. If the glass is too heavy, simply use a suction cup for that. For your protection, wear a pair of gloves that is coated with rubber on the palms.
If you are afraid to do the carrying of the glass yourself, you can always ask a professional assistance from a moving company. They surely know how to handle sensitive and brittle materials like glasses.

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