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What Exactly are Packing Peanuts? How to Use these and Other Supplies when Preparing for a Move

When you think about the dozens of small and big details that you need to iron out prior to a move, you might as well stay right where you are. These tasks are often tedious, and you may encounter a horrible moving company with movers who will simply throw all your stuff on their truck without thinking about the things inside. Or, you might end up paying astronomical fees especially when you're moving out of state. But remember that with a bit of organization and a lot of preparation in advance, you can turn packing into a less stressful experience.
What are Packing Peanuts?
It all starts with putting together the supplies that you'll need for the move. The one item which you may not necessarily think about buying is a bag of packing peanuts but if you want to protect your things from being broken, these are a must-buy.
Also called foam peanuts, packing peanuts are small objects made from polystyrene which are typically letter S in shape, although some are shaped like peanuts. Here's a quick list of the benefits of using packing peanuts:
    They can be used to fill in the gaps filled with air in shipping boxes.
    Using packing peanuts in shipping prevents the item inside from moving or sliding around, thereby reducing or totally eliminating damage.
    When used as filler for packing boxes, packing peanuts prevent damage for the items inside as well.
    Unlike newspaper sheets which compress when subject to the weight of boxes on top of it, using packing peanuts will prevent boxes from getting squished.
There used to be a time when packing peanuts were purely made from polystyrene. But now that people are becoming more and more environmentally-conscious, manufacturers started using biodegradable materials for this very useful item. Aside from using biodegradable materials for packing peanuts, the ones made from polystyrene are being reused and recycled by shipping companies themselves. Today, you can see packing peanuts when shipping everything from delicate items to foods like fruit. If you are planning a move, you can also protect the items inside from breaking by using packing peanuts.

Other Supplies Needed when Packing for a Move
Aside from packing peanuts, you can also use bubble wrap, old newspapers and other items to fill the empty space inside the boxes that you are packing. Your goal is to prevent movement inside the boxes so that even if the moving truck encounters bumps in the road, the items inside will not break.
It also pays to use professional-grade moving boxes instead of plain, old carton boxes. The ones used by professional movers are sturdy and will not get squished even when placed on top of the other.
Before packing anything onto boxes, make sure to organize your things. Only bring the items that you can find use for in your new house. Leave any junk that you accumulated over the years in your old house. Recycle, donate or sell in a yard sale all the other items that you would not need in your new home.

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