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Warehouse Storage For Office Removals

Ten tips for commercial removals, when you need to put items from your office in to secure storage!1.    Self storage is not always the answer. You will find that with self storage, there are a great many features that work for domestic clients, but may make the storage type less great for a business. For instance, the rates will be higher, because the place is constantly accessible. Whilst this is good for people who are moving things in and out a lot, a business may want to be more savvy about their investment, and go for a cheaper option.2.    Storage space is the most important thing to think about. Do you know exactly how large your unit needs to be? It can be quite difficult to work out, but a rough idea is to find a room in the office that would be about right for all of the stuff that you need to store, and to use the measurements form that room as a guide line volume. 3.    Storage solutions are not always necessarily in the regular places that you might expect them to be. You may be able to rent certain items that you are not using out to others, which will mean that you are gaining money on the things that you are not using, rather than losing it on storage. 4.    Removal boxes need to be sturdy, so that you are totally confident that they will stand up to being moved around a lot, and then stacked for long periods in the storage unit. It is essential that you are able to stack the boxes to make as much use of the space in the storage unit as possible, as otherwise you will be wasting the business’ money. 5.    Packing supplies are also important, and can often be bought form storage places. It is strongly recommended that any soft furnishings are wrapped in plastic, to prevent the potential pests of insects and rodents, that can eat through cardboard. Plastic will also prevent damp should it be a problem there, though if it is, you should avoid the place.6.    Removal company employees will be used to loading up storage units, so have a think about getting them to drop things off, to ensure that you are not worrying about non professionals handling all of the items that need to be stored. Heavy lifting and shifting things around can be difficult, so be sure to have capable people doing the job at all times. 7.    Removal van hire is a big part of moving things around. If you have a staff member who can drive a removal vehicle, then you’re in luck, otherwise it is best to leave the job to the professionals. 8.    Man and van hire will be a lot easier but slightly more expensive than hiring a van yourself. This way you get a man who is used to lifting things, as well as driving the van.9.    Employee relocation is a process that needs due care and attention, do not let storage problems get in the way of the bigger issues that can be present in an office removal.10.     Not a domestic relocation, but a commercial one. Do not approach the storage in a way that you would approach domestic storage. Look in to warehouse storage, mobile storage and crate storage before you go with self storage, as these options make much more sense for professional and business class uses. If you are at all confused as to who does what, and the prices involved, then ring around a few companies to see the lay of the land.

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