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Top Questions to Ask a Letting Agent

Hiring a letting agent gives the idea of shelling out a lot of money. The truth is that agents can help in saving both time and money. They are professionals in what they do; they are trained to help clients manage their properties.    A letting agent can help in various ways.  He shoulders all the hassles for you.  The agent will be the one to look for a tenant for your property.  An agent also serves as a middleman between tenant and owner. In real estate, it's important to have market knowledge so your offer is always up-to-date.  The letting agent takes care of that too. When applying for a mortgage, a good letting agent can help increase your worth to the lender.   What to ask your letting agent
  When looking for an agent, have a list of questions prepared that can help you decide if he is the right one for you. Here are some things you may ask him:   1. How much does he charge? What is the basis of the fees?   2. Are you a member of any association?   3. Do you have certificates as proof?    4. How long have you been with them or how long have you been working as an agent?   5. What types of properties do you often deal with?   6. How do you source for tenants?   7. How soon can the rental payment be in my bank account?   8. How often do you check the condition of the property?   9. What do you look for when you inspect the property?   10. How do we go about maintenance?   These are just a few questions you can ask a candidate.  Formulate questions along the way as he answers.  Create follow-up questions.  If they seem unable to answer your queries confidently, find another candidate.

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