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Top 5 Of Best Moving Tips I Got

There are loads of moving advices one can hear or read. But every relocation is different, as people and situations are different. Here I give you places 5 moving tips I got when I was moving and why they turned out to be so good. They are all self-proven. Enjoy!

#5 Keep pets away!
That was the first tip I fully embraced from the very beginning. And it so was the right thing to do! I mean, nobody wants a half freaked-out of stress raving, scratching, howling and yawing creature closed in one of the rooms in the middle of moving day chaos! It's only on moving day, by the way, I ever heard a dog yawing and a cat howling. I have! Luckily (and out of wisdom, of course) that didn't happen on my moving day. My pet was accommodated in my mother's flat on the evening before and taken back in an ecstatically happy and heavenly peaceful condition on the day after moving day. A neat job!   

#4 Label, label and label
This tiny detail, fellas, as plain and simple as it is, can save you sooo much time, energy and above all trouble, you never imagined it possibly could. This particular advice I gained, by the way, by personal experience in the one time my family moved. That was when I was about 10. So my dad, as stubborn as he always has been, didn't listen to the warnings of my mom (big mistake!) and rushed his colleagues, who were the volunteered helpers, into carrying the boxes out and in the lorry before some of them (of the boxes, not the helpers) weren't even closed, not speaking of labeled. You really don't want to know the end result in details. I shall only reveal that in the week following the move the most often heard remark in our family of five was "Why is everything I need always in the last box I look in?!" And since I obviously share the family trait of postponing the complete unpacking for as long as it goes, and virtually live among boxes for approximately a month after I moved in, I always label every box on two different sizes, just in case.   

#3 Divide the helpers in task teams
Moving day helpers can also not help at all. If everybody has an own idea of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done, usually almost nothing is done. Here is what I did to avoid that: I divided everyone in task forces upon showing up on moving day: carriers, packers, disassembles and loaders. Then I put one of each team in charge - those where people I knew would stay calm and manage to get the job done. It helped, that they were all family members who knew exactly what I wanted, even if they didn't liked it that way. I handed out a copy of the furniture layout plan to each team leader and we started on the job. It went as smoothly as I thought it would. This tactic I know from my time in the navy, after all!

#2 Supply loads of garbage bags
Garbage bags in different sizes came soo handy I never imagined they would. There are so many ways to use a garbage bag, besides putting garbage or smaller things you are not so sure where they belong! They can be used to cover the floor from stains, the furniture and the boxes from the rain, and my personal revelation  - to put the all the clothes in them, after you didn't have the time and will to fold and put in boxes before.

#1 Keep children away!
Yes, children really, really want to be there, and to help you relocate, but a nice vacation with grandma or uncle and aunty is the best that can happen to all of you. If the "children" are teenagers, well, you are supposed to know them best - if the teenager will pout and whine all day like a baby, send him or her away, if he or she will behave like an adult, leave them with you.

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