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Tips on How to Handle Heavy Furniture during the Move

If you want to save money during the move, one of the best options is to do the move yourself. Nevertheless, you would have to learn how to handle everything including handling big and heavy furniture.
How to Pack Heavy Furniture
If the furniture has drawers make sure you remove them to avoid accidents. Take out all the other loose contents of the furniture too. This will also make the furniture lighter and easier for you to lift. Make sure you protect the edges of the furniture with padding too so it will not get scratched or chipped.
How to Carry Heavy Furniture Safely
You would not want to injure yourself if you are trying to save money. So, you have to be mindful of your safety too. Make sure you put the pressure on your knees and shoulders when lifting heavy furniture. Do not put to much pressure on your back if you don't want to get backaches or worse back injury. When passing furniture to another, keep it at the level of the knees and shoulders.
To even make lifting and moving heavy furniture easier, investing on a furniture slider would be a good idea. All you have to do is simply tilt the furniture and insert the slider. Then things will be easier to move.
Loading and Unloading Heavy Furniture
If the furniture is too heavy, have someone lift from all sides of the furniture. Have someone clear the way before you attempt to move out the furniture. Make sure the furniture would fit the exit and the entrance points as well. This will keep you and your furniture safe.

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