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Tips For Planning Your House Removal

Your house move is going to be a lot easier and a lot more efficient if you’ve taken the time to properly plan it. If you want to move without having to worry then planning is absolutely essential for both you and your family! Here are just a few tips to help you when it comes to planning for your house move.1)    How to make a scheduleYou’re going to need more than one list if you want to move house efficiently! You’re going to make a packing schedule, a moving day schedule and even an end-of-tenancy cleaning schedule, so start as soon as possible! Your packing list should be a list of every room in your home. Consider what jobs will need doing in each room and write them down. For example, your living room might need to have the furniture disassembled, whereas your bathroom will just need packing up. Start with the rooms of your home that you use the least, and leave essential items such as cookware and toiletries, to be packed lastly. Your moving day schedule is a little harder to create. Think about what time you want to start moving, what time your removal company will arrive, how long you have to get everything into your new property and how many boxes you have. Your cleaning schedule should include everything that’s required from your landlord, so speak to them before devising one. No matter what schedule you’re creating, make sure you’re setting realistic goals for yourself. Give yourself more time than is strictly necessary to complete each task so that you can do it properly and without panicking. 2)    How to find a removal company.Finding a removal company for your house move is a great idea! Professional movers will be able to assist you when things go wrong, and they’ll have the knowledge and experience that you need to move quickly and efficiently. Some removal companies get booked up months in advance, so begin your search as soon as possible. Speak to friends, relatives, work colleagues and neighbours to see if they can recommend any companies to you, as this will minimise the risk of you hiring unprofessional movers. If this doesn’t work then why not look online? Never hire from any company that doesn’t have customer reviews, and make sure you fully understand all of the services you’re paying for. Thoroughly read any paperwork before signing it as you don’t want to fall victim to hidden fees and costs! 3)    How to pack efficiently.Packing is time-consuming and needs to be done properly. Every time you pack a box, write on the side what room it’s come from and how important it is by employing a numerical system. Boxes labelled with a one or a two could contain important and essential items, whereas boxes ten and eleven could be much less necessary. If you want to be as efficient and as prepared as possible then why not make a list of what each box contains? This will help you find specific items when you need them, without you having to search through dozens and dozens of boxes and making a mess! There are lots of different ways to pack efficiently and properly, and if this system isn’t for you then why not make up your own?

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