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Three Issues to Ponder On Before Leaving Your Rented House to Own a House

Everyone seems moving to a bigger house or buying his or her first owned house. And you, you are still there, renting an apartment. Will that be your life forever or is it time to move on and buy your new house, too?
But before you invest your money to a new house, consider some things first. It's not always wise to jump to the best real estate deals without exercising your brain cells.
Length of stay in an owned house. Figure out weather you'll stay for long, say 10 years or more, in that house. If yes, then probably its time to shop around for a new house. However, if your job requires frequent moving, then you better stay in your rented apartment. Besides, you can't sell your house after five years and expect to get the best returns from it since real estate is a very unstable market.Total monthly expenses for the house. Some house may be cheaper when you pay for its monthly mortgage. But not only mortgage is being paid for that. You should also consider other household responsibilities like insurances and maintenance.Fulfillment. Sometimes, owning a house is not a matter of practicality but a matter of self-fulfillment. Come to think of it, you do your job everyday for so many years and you are still renting just how you did when you were just an entry-level employee. Of course, you want to have something that will represent your hard work for many years and owning a house can be your way.
You know more about your situation so you can decide it better for yourself. If you can't, you can always ask a friend or a professional to help you decide whether to continue renting or buy a house now.

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