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Finally! I thought you will never make it, but there you are - it is time for you to move out of your parent's home and rent your very first own apartment! Great! Whoa, wait a minute, just wait a minute - so what do I do fist? A simple question - first you think it seriously through.

Here is the answer to current and (almost) every upcoming questions. This big step to independence is most likely about to engrave in your memory for the rest of your life. There are some things you should take into account:

#1 Expenses
The overall expenses for your residence should not exceed 30 per cent of your wage. Here I mean all of the expenses, including rent, electricity, and so on, but also phone bills, internet and cable TV; and your net wage, this is how much you actually earn after taxes and so on.

 #2 Deposit
Normally landlords require a deposit to be given before you move in. A deposit is a certain amount of money, usually as much as two-three times the month rent, that should serve as a money guarantee. When moving out, you will get it back after setting everything with the landlord.  

#3 Recommendations
When applying  for renting of an apartment, recommendations can be asked from the prospective tenants. Make sure you have some.

#4 Residence Search
The really advantageous places to live are taken very fast. The best deals can even not come in any newspaper, real-estate agency or internet-site. They are passed forward to relatives or friends of the last tenant. So make sure to first spread the word of you searching for a residence to everyone you can think of.

#5 Examine the place
Right after you found a suitable flat for rent from a newspaper, or internet, or whatever, call the landlord right away and arrange a visit as soon as it goes. While examining your presumed future home, take your time, ask about everything you need to know, get to know some of the other tenants and neighbors, take a good look at the area, ... and better take someone with you who had gone through that, and someone you trust. They better be the same person!

#6 Right away!
Remember that the landlord will always want the place rented again right away. If you want to move in after some time, put the subject to the landlord at the very beginning and be prepared that you could  get a "no" from him about giving the residence to you.

#7 Pets
If your dog/cat/hamster/turtle/parrot wants to come live with you, declare that to the landlord from the start. Some landlords don't allow any pets, because they (the pets, not the landlords!) tend to do harm the residence. So decide upon the option of leaving the pet at your parent's, or be ready to have some trouble finding the right place right away.

#8 Insurance
Being on your own now, you have some possessions, such as furniture and electronics, art pieces and household appliances. Maybe you should consider getting an insurance. The insurance can cover burglary, and some damages such as floods and fire.  

If you really don't want trouble, you better take these advices and start working on them right now.

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