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Things You Should Not Forget to Include in Your Moving Checklist

A smooth moving process needs proper planning. Your action plan should be in writing too. While the focus is usually on packing and transportation of things, there are other things that need your attention too.
For one, you need to take care of every bit of detail so your moving day would go as smooth as possible. If you have small children, they would crave for your attention when you are too busy supervising the move. They would get bored doing nothing all morning. It would be more ideal to get a sitter for your kids so they can be occupied while you are busy. This way, you are also sure that they are fed and cleaned. If you have pets, they need to be out of the way too while the move is going on.
You need all utilities to be transferred, disconnected and connected to your new address. This is quite essential if you want to have a convenient stay in your new home from the very first day of your stay there. You wouldn't want to arrive there and find out there is no water or electricity. You would also need Internet access, telephone and cable TV when you get to your new address. You need to make arrangements for them at least 4 weeks before your more to make sure everything is complete. 
You also need to inform the banks and your subscriptions about the change of address. This way you will get bills and the subscriptions you are paying for. If you need to discontinue subscriptions you won't have to pay them anymore. You won't be billed for the utilities when you are no longer in your old address anymore too.

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