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The Real Cost of a Removal

Most people don't really look forward to moving house. It is often a really dreaded situation. One of the reasons is because everyone knows that relocations are expensive. No matter how early you start planning and despite all of your saving up strategies, you always end up paying more than you have planned or even more than you can afford. This is only half-true, as a good preparation and a moving budget do help out a lot. The big costs (movers' service, renting the truck) would obviously cost more, but it's the small things that really add up to the bill and make the final fee much higher than the original quote. Things that you don't plan on time will cost you more too - airline tickets, packing supplies, accommodation, storage. There are plenty of extra charges that can turn a move into a budget nightmare for real.

Before the Move
1.    Extra Insurance: The problem with insurance is that if the moving company has to provide you with one, they usually wouldn't give you a good rate. In case something is damaged during the move, or lost, the insurance might not even cover it all. Valuable items definitely require an additional insurance, as well as things like artwork and others. The insurance is based on weight, so its coverage is really not that good. Due to the taxes and government regulations you wouldn't even receive the maximum coverage in case something happens.

2.    Your Current Home: Whether you are in the process of selling your home or renting it out, there will be things that you need to fix before you do that. These small or big issues take time and money. If the issues are out of your scope it's better to hire somebody to do it. One of the major priorities you'll have is to clean thoroughly. Hiring a cleaning company will save you lots of time and at least you will be sure that the work is done 100% professionally. If you are moving out of a rented house or flat, insist on receiving your initial damage deposit. You may not receive the full amount, but it's still better than nothing. One of the ways to ensure that you receive almost all of it is to clean the place properly or hire a maid to do it. What professional cleaners can do within a few hours will probably take you a few days, so it's money worth investing.
During The Move
Most of the additional removals costs will be added during the moving day, but don't expect to be informed about them in advance. The original quote you have received is approximate and doesn't include accessorial charges and other extra fees. Moreover, you need to build a budget that includes costs for meals, hotel, snacks, fuel for your vehicle, tips for the movers and so on and so forth. If you are flying to the new location, book your tickets as early as possible and think exactly how much luggage you are going to take with you as this will add up to the total price as well.

It's hard to predict exactly how much your relocation will cost, as it depends on many factors - distance, amount of help, size of your household, etc. However, the best you can do is be informed about the extra fees and be ready with saving up plans.

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