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One of the most important parts of the move out may be "the double check" as it can be referred to, which is the final walkthrough of the place you are moving out of and it can mean the final of many things but in this article we will use it as the final procedure of a home or office removal. Things get hectic and confusion is common place in a move out but a double check will help to tie up the loose ends that get created during a home or office removal.

Double checking that everything is packed and moved out of the house is the first thing you may want to double check after moving all the boxes out of the home. Check under furniture if there is some left behind, double check all the cabinets in the house and double check all the closets throughout as well.

Another thing if it is available is to double check the move out list , not everyone has one of these available and if you haven't got one now is a good time to get one together to use during the move. A move out checklist can be an valuable source for making sure that nothing is missed and all that is need is to make one or find one online.

Double check that all the utilities have been switched out of your name and that they will be turned off once you move out of the home. This is a very important aspect of a double check because if you leave the utilities on then you may find yourself with a huge bill that someone runs up in your name. Regarding the utilities it is also good to check and make sure that the utilities for the new place have been turned or at least scheduled to be switched on.

Check to make sure you have all important documents, records and papers in a safe location and you have easy access to them once arriving at the new destination. This is especially vital for those with children as they will need all their records including school records to attend their next school. If you do not have all the records you will need together then you may want to take care of that first thing. Forgetting to collect important records is something that commonly happens.  

Make sure that the mailing address for your name has been changed so that all your mail comes to the new address as well, it would be a good idea to take care of this early and stop by the post to double check the mail is being forwarded to the new address.
There are a ton of other things that are vital to double check and some that are not so common but these few things above are some of the most important to run the double check on. To be sure that you do not forget anything it is a good idea to construct a personalized move out checklist. A general checklist can be found online, made by you or even acquired from a removal company.

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