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The Critical Phases of Moving Out: Understanding the Reality

Moving out is a process that one must take.  Just like any other activity in life that everyone needs to hurdle, moving out takes a few steps and stages before it can be completed.  This is a reality that one must always take into consideration.
The reason why many experts are saying that this should be a phased activity is for people to understand that there is no way that one can do to move out in just a snap. Moving out in reality requires stages from conception of the idea down to planning the entire thing and finally executing the plan as designed.  This is the natural way to do it.  This is the best way to do it. 
What happens when it does not go thru stages?
Imagine an activity that was abruptly conceived and instantly culminated without any process undertaken?  Well, you probably have a half cooked output, right?
There are things that you can do and finish without carefully planning while there are other things that will require you to carefully analyze and plan the execution process to complete everything.  However, more often, things have to be done in process otherwise you end up getting an output that was not at all the intention.
Moving out is a progressive thing.  It means that each day, you see that there is a growth in the process and only then that you will realize that you are required to follow a specific stage in every step of the way.
So, what are the stages in moving out?
In order for people, who are in the middle of moving out plan, to understand the phases and the stages of the moving out activity, they should conceive in their hearts that in itself this activity shall not be made complete without undertaking the stages that are inherent with it.
Below are some of the stages that are involved in a moving out activity:
    Planning. Planning is a huge stage to undertake when moving out.  Planning does not only start and end with leaving the old house and transferring to the new house.  Planning involves knowing what you want and why you want to leave the old house. Planning is ensuring that the family members are all accepting of the idea of moving out.  Planning is carefully assessing the pros and the cons of moving out vis-à-vis your children's school, your own personal jobs, and your lifestyle.  Planning is holistically thinking about everyone and everything that is involved.
  Organizing.  Right after planning has commenced and properly laid out, the next stage is organizing your plan.  Organization is associated clearly with planning because you need to organize not your old house to sell and the new house to buy but also the huge finances that are involved with moving out.  Apart from that, you need to organize your family members about what needs to be expected before and after the move out.
Accepting the fact that moving out is a phased activity will help a person understand why these stages are there and the purpose that they have underneath.


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