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The 5 Best Countries to Retire to in Europe

At a certain point in your life you will feel the need to finally settle down. You are done with adventurous travels; you are done with work, and just want to relocate to a peaceful place where you can retire in peace, away from the usual everyday hassle and worries. And you do not simply want to retire, but you want to retire somewhere else, somewhere abroad. Have one last travel with a one-way ticket to a country in Europe, full of culture, full of entertainment, full of colour, and with a peaceful enough community to find yourself the proper company to enjoy. And what are your best options? Read on.

There is probably no better place to live a peaceful life if you are a lover of art and culture. French cities will offer you all the arts in the world, with luxurious regions and lush countryside, with affordable areas to live in, and mostly ideal climate that will allow you to get through all the seasons without missing any one of their colours. You can live in regions of amazing architecture and the rural regions will shock you with their fertility and tranquil greenness.

Take the removal van to Spain if you wish to enjoy a rich culture with a lot of festival lovers. It sits on a great climate zone that provides for a year-round wonderful weather which you should not miss for the world. There you can witness a variety of vibrant scenery, a rich way of living, and many historical sites. And all of that at affordable prices as Spain is one of the most affordable places to live in Europe.

If you want more pasta in your life and overall a better cuisine, then go to Italy, the land of the pizza, the place of wonderful architecture, some of the most sophisticated cafes in the world, and amazing lifestyle. Sure, some areas of Italy could be more expensive than others, so it is not as affordable as most countries in Europe, but it has its areas where you do not need to be too rich in order to thrive and live comfortably. You can go to Rome and see many historical sites, witness Italian culture as a native and not just as a tourist.

While not exactly the first choice one would have when thinking where to target a relocation, Portugal still has an amazing amount of things on offer for everybody who wants to experience life as the Portuguese do. It might have escaped your attention, but Portugal has bettered its health care, residency options, taxes and entertainment over the years, so it has plenty to offer to retirees.

If you want to enjoy hot summers and mild winters, then the Maltese islands are exactly what you need. If you decide on moving house to retire in one of the islands, you will experience some of the cleanest areas with clear air, and both apply to the sea and beaches around Malta. And if you do not like the idea of being so far away from the rest of Europe, you should know that Maltese airlines offer easy and affordable trips to the rest of the continent.

So if you want to retire somewhere in Europe, think about a relocation to one of these places. Moving house there will leave you aesthetically, culturally, and spiritually satisfied. This continent offers not only the most beautiful and affordable zones, but also the ones with great food to keep you pleased at all times.

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