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Telling Everyone Your New Address Once You Have Moved

Telling Everyone Your New Address Once You Have Moved As soon as you are definite about your move, you should already announce your move and your new address to everyone. Perhaps your problem is to whom should you announce your move? About five weeks before your move, make sure to contact your nearest post office. You need to fill-up the Change of Address form. If not, you can visit the US Postal Service website and change your address there. Whatever you choose, you are always given the choice to dictate the date when all the mails should be forwarded to your new location. Aside from that, you should also inform your soon-to-be new address to your family and friends, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. Don't forget to inform your employers too. Give your new address to utilities, phone, cable, satellite, and TV companies. Change your voter registration as well. It is important to inform the Secretary of State and Department of Motor Vehicles too. Your dentist, doctor, veterinarian, and other service providers need to know your new address as well. Check you membership to clubs too. Cut your subscription to magazines and newspapers. Inform your kid's schools, your church, and local agencies about the new address as well. It will be helpful to give them your current and new address too. This way, you can continue or discontinue affiliations with different people and groups.

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