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Student storage and removal in the N8 area

The N8 area is central to major universities and colleges, however, it is not so central that it will cost a small fortune to live there. This is an ideal place for students who are studying in the centre of London but can’t afford the rent that comes with living in the heart of the Capital City. When you are moving into student accommodation you will require a good removal service and also a place to store the things that just won’t fit in your dorm room, but how do you go about finding this in such a large area?  Here are some tricks and tips on how to find the best removal and storage companies to handle your beloved belongings.When it comes to storage, you need to make sure your things will be secured and can only be accessed by you. For more personal, treasured effects that you need to store, you could try a safety deposit box within a bank or other such establishment. This will guarantee a higher level of security. When storing larger items, such as house or garden furniture, you could hire out a garage or a storage unit with either a storage company or a self-storage company. When you rent out something like this, you can keep renewing the contract ensuring that your things remain in one place until you have the space to house them again.Removal services can be expensive. As a student, the easiest way to transport your belongings is to use your parents, or a trusted friend who may also be going to the same place as you. This usually works out a lot cheaper than using a removal service, unless you live many miles away and not everything will fit in a car…several trips would be uneconomical. If this is the case, the alternative to hiring a company to take your things from A to B is to find yourself a trusted driver and rent a removal van. This is a cheaper option and also allows you the flexibility of when to move, how long it takes you to load up and consequently, how long it takes you to unload at the other end.  Another alternative to this is shared removals, which a number of removal companies now offer. When you move you need two main components: some bubble wrap and some boxes. These are on sale on a number of different places, and you can even find them for free. You could find a company that specialises in selling boxes, bubble wrap and other specialised packaging supplies, specifically for people that are moving. This could work out to be quite expensive, especially if you are moving quite a lot of stuff and therefore need to buy a lot of supplies. Alternatively, you could find a friend or family member who has moved previously and ask to borrow any materials that they have kept. A way to gather your boxes is to go to a supermarket or a warehouse and ask for any boxes that they are going to throw away, they will usually have plenty of boxes available and will be only too happy to get rid of them!Moving to your new accommodation may seem like a daunting task however it's really very simple. Just use the above tips to guide you through the process, all the way to your new student home.

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