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Student Moving: Considering your Options

As almost all degrees or courses at higher education institutions are a minimum of three years – with one of those years spent in halls of residence for most students – you will have to consider the logistics of moving home at least twice if you are a student. Once to move into halls of residence, and then once again after your first year to move into a private rented house. You may also choose to move again, and maybe even a further move if your course last more than 3 years. Moving homes as a student is not like moving homes for the rest of the adult world – you are only moving into what usually is a small room, and, as such, you won’t have that many possessions to transport from your former residence to your new one. The most common way to move residence when you’re all grown up and have a family and whatnot is too hire a removal company; they will come into your home, carefully carry all your belongings into the van, drive the van to your new residence, and then finally unload all of your belongings into your new home. But if you’re a student, you won’t require this service. It is an expensive service that is generally beneficial to people with a vast amount of belongings to move. The chances are if you’re a student, you won’t have a lot of items to move and so won’t require such a hands-on service. No, instead you just need someone with enough vehicle space to help you move locally. Most removal companies that offer a heavy removal service will also offer a small or light removal service. The latter is much more advisable service to hire out if you are a student. Not only is the service much cheaper as you are paying for less transport space, but you will also receive all the professional benefits that a heavy removal service will have to offer. For a much more modest price, the removal men will still come into your home and move everything for you onto the van, as well as unload into your new home. So if you have some heavy items that you will need help with transporting, then you should strongly consider using this service. However, if you are in the market for the cheapest possible option, then a much more suitable removal service for a student is to hire a Man with a Van service. First off, as is of issue to every student, Man and Van services are extremely cheap in comparison to heavy removal companies. Most will charge £15 an hour. If you’re only moving down the road, which the chances are you will be as a student, this will only cost you around £15-30 as moving locally shouldn’t take more than an hour or two. Of course the cheapest option of them all is to get your mate with a van to help you. If you promise to pay for their petrol and maybe buy them a drink or two later, then there is no cheaper option. But, alas, most students will not know anyone with a big enough vehicle to help them in their city of study, as students move in similar circles – circles where no one has a van. So you will – by all accounts – have to pick either a light removal service or hire a Man and Van service. If price is your main concern, then chose a Man and Van service. But if you will require a more hands-on service, then a light removal service is right for you.

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