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Smart Tips to Pack Fragile Items

How are you supposed to pack fragile and breakable house items such as expensive kitchen ware, computers, LCD, and the like?  Are there any tips that you can follow?  Fortunately, there techniques and tips that one can effectively follow and below are some of these:
Make sure that the bottom part of the box where you will place fragile items such as glassware and kitchen ware is properly cushioned with Styrofoam or any other cushioning materials.  Fill the box with heavy and huge items first then place the lighter ones as the box starts to fill up.  The weight of the heavy items serves as protection to the light items.   To give extra protection on fragile items, you can wrap these items with old newspapers or unused papers.  Make sure that there is no space in a box. If there is a space in the box, fill that in with stryro pellets or crumpled papers.  The space will allow for the objects inside to move which can create friction on the items.  If the fragile is too expensive, you may want to place them on a small separate box.  Label all the boxes.  If the box contains fragile items, label them as such to inform the movers to take precautionary measures when they are being loaded onto the moving truck.
These are some of the helpful tips in packing expensive and fragile items in your house when moving out.

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