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Removals 101: Should You Settle for the Cheapest Option?

It doesn’t matter why you want to or have to move: you will most likely find this an extremely stressful and nerve-wrecking event in your life. There are a lot of reasons people don’t like moving and psychologists even say that this kind of event comes third after death and divorce when it comes to the bad feelings it can generate. Aside from all the hassle that comes with finding a new place to move in and aside from all the fuss that comes with finding a suitable moving company or man and van to help you out, the money issue will definitely put a strain on you too. Truth be told, if you are like most of the people out there, you don’t have unlimited sums of money at your disposal – not for the whole removals process and not otherwise either. Therefore, budgeting will definitely get on your list – even if this means that the entire removals “story” will be more difficult to manage.Should you save money on your house movers service though? Are cheap removals truly worth it or are the more expensive movers just scammers trying to rip you off and offer nothing in exchange for the money? Read on and find out more. •    Insurance. A more expensive company will charge you more for a variety of reasons – and the fact that they offer full insurance on all your items and on all kinds of damage is one of them. However, if you are not this worried about the safety of your items, you can always go for a cheaper option as well because the chances that something gets seriously broken are pretty dim if you have packed everything correctly (especially the electronic items). •    The people helping you out. There is a slight difference between people who are simply strong and who simply can handle large and heavy items and people who actually know that moving is not so much about strength  as it is about technique as well. Keep in mind that this is not necessarily something to depend on how expensive the company you choose is – as there are many cheaper companies that can provide you with skilled people as well. •    The items you carry. A pricier company will be able to gracefully handle the items that are really valuable in your house – such as fine art and paintings. They will be able to de-install these items and pack them properly and they will be able to transport them in a way that keeps them safe as well. Yet, if you don’t have any such items in your home, you have absolutely no reason to worry about this at all. •    Do you need actual help or do you simply need a man with a van? If you need someone to actually help you carry your packages and remove everything from your house (and place it in the new home), you will most likely go for a company. These days, there are many companies that can offer quality removals at affordable prices too, but make sure you ask beforehand and that you know very well what their quote includes (does it include just the driver and the van or does it include manpower too?). In the end, the decision of whether you should settle for the cheaper option is yours. Even when on a budget, make sure you don’t go for the very cheapest company – the one that simply seems too good to be true – because it is very likely that you will be disappointed. If you are not worried about the things mentioned above (such as antiques, for example), you will be satisfied with the services of an affordable company too.

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