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How to Carry out a Move and Stay on Budget

As you may already know, moving can cost an arm and a leg. But moving on a shoestring doesn't mean settling for something of poor quality. The secret to a successful move is to plan ahead. Here are some tips to help make your transition as smooth as possible without going over your budget range.

Decide on a budget
Decide on a reasonable budget and try to stick to it. Are you traveling by airplane? Book your flight ahead of time to get the best deals on flights and hotel accommodations. If you are traveling by car, be sure to plan your route and include the cost of fuel, food and motels on your budget.

Estimate your expenses
Aside from the basic expenses involved on the move, be sure to consider other things such as home repairs, pet deposits, storage fees, toll fees, rental fees and tips for the staff. Don't forget to keep a receipt of your transactions so you can use them when filing tax deductions.

To Hire a Mover or Not
Usually, you have the option of driving the truck to your destination and hiring movers to pack and/or transport your belongings. Whatever it is that you choose, be sure to get multiple estimates and ask for an on-site estimate as it is more precise.

Develop a packing plan
As much as possible, pack your own stuff. Collect moving boxes from supermarkets and liquor stores. Instead of buying bubble wrap, use blankets, crumpled paper, rugs and linens to cushion your fragile stuff.

Hold a garage sale
A garage sale is a good means to raise funds while getting rid of all your excess stuff. Assess all the items you want to throw away. If there are some items left, drop them off to a local charity.

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