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Moving -- Signs of Good Packing

You know you've done at excellent job at packing when:

1.    Packed boxes don't weigh over fifty pounds
2.    Items are wrapped carefully
3.    Items from various rooms are arranged systematically
4.    The contents in the boxes are firmly packed.
Fundamentals of Household Packing
1.    Begin with seldom used items when packing. Essentials should be left unpacked until moving day.
2.    Clear contents of drawers, cabinets and shelves for ease of shifting. You may leave behind soft, light clothing to save on boxes.
3.    Separately pack fragile and non-fragile items.
4.    Roll and fasten wires and cables to keep them from hanging down.
5.     When dissembling furniture and appliances, put nuts and bolts in a bag and strap it beneath the furniture.
6.    Individually wrap valuables with packing paper, blankets, tissue or newsprints. Refrain from using colored paper and newsprints when packing chinaware to prevent ink residues.
7.    Lay a generous amount of cushioning at the bottom of the box before placing items.
8.    Load in heavy items first, going lighter as you reach the top.
9.    If there is still space, fill it with cushioning to keep the box compact.
10.    Seal cartons with sturdy packing tape. Don't forget to label them properly.

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