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Packing and Unpacking - Two Essential Reminders

Moving homes is such a complicated and involved job that the majority of us are bound to lose track of various essential tasks (and their value and significance) during the course the process.  Inevitably we find ourselves feeling confronted, overwhelmed and blindsided by a variety of unexpected distractions. In a strange and ironic twist, this chaos often ends up meaning that the things which we imagined that we had under perfect control – the “obvious” parts of the move like packing, removals, unpacking, house hunting, etc. – are completely misjudged and end up being an unexpected shock when we do finally get around to handling them. This is rarely more clear than when we begin to deal with the actual job of packing and organizing our belongings properly, trying to create some kind of system to make sure that we don’t misplace our stuff for huge lengths of time at a stretch, and generally try and pull off that one part of the move which seems as though it should really be effortless (i.e. the “packing / unpacking” part) without developing a monstrous migraine in the process. But what could possibly be complicated about packing or unpacking our stuff, you may ask? Well, here are some things to keep in mind in order to avoid being taken by surprise: You Need To List Everything You PackDeciding that you’re going to grab whatever you can find lying around your house and hurl it into a box may be a potential solution for moving your stuff between homes in a hurry, but it’s a terrible idea for many other reasons. The fact is this: If you don’t take a detailed list of everything that you pack, and label each box with a rough summary of its contents, then you’re setting yourself up for an extreme sort of chaos once you finally arrive at your new home and want to settle down. The difference between looking for a specific item and being able to tell within minutes which box it’s in will give you a world of peace, as opposed to having to fumble through everything for hours in order to locate what you’re looking for..You Need To Create A Room-Plan Before You Unpack Settling into your new home can be relatively quick and easy, or it can be slow and arduous. In fact, if you play all of your cards wrong, it can be far more difficult than you’d think. The first step in getting settled and acclimated to a new home is, of course, to unpack and arrange your belongings. After that point it comes down to time and the sort of atmosphere which you’ve created in each room. One thing which you don’t want to do, though, is to arrive in your new home and have no structured approach in mind for how to unpack and organize your belongings around the property. In a move, any small action or lack of action can quickly snowball into a situation which causes incredibly annoying and undesirable consequences for your ability to settle into your new home. As a rule, the longer it takes you to successfully get the “unpacking” part of your move done, the longer it takes you to relax and adjust to the new surroundings. In order to carry out the “unpacking phase” as quickly as possible, you need to have a clear and pre-existing idea of what’s in each box, and what is meant to go into each room. In this way you can effectively break up the process into manageable chunks and tackle each chunk one at a time.

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