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Pack An Essentials Kit For Easy Removals Suffolk: Things To Keep On Hand

An essentials kit is a box or bag of things that are absolutely necessary for day-to-day functioning. These are things that you just cannot do without, and are the very basics you need to be able to go through the day. Packing an essentials kit is a recommended habit for people who are moving house. All removals experts advise keeping an essentials kit on hand while you are shifting to a new house so that the most important things are within easy access and you know where they are at all times. The rationale behind packing an essentials kit is simple: in the chaos and mayhem of a house move, things get lost, things get misplaced and things turn up at random points from random places for weeks and months later. While it is all a part of the fun and stress of moving, there are some things that you just cannot do without. These are also the things you need to have on you when you move into the new house. Even if you take weeks to unpack the rest of the stuff, having these essential items within reach will mean you can go about your days without stressing out. This essentials kit is especially important for the first night and day in the new house. Let us take a look at some of the things that must go into your essentials kit. Money This is an obvious addition to the list, but you would be surprised by just how many people forget to keep cash with them when they are moving! You should keep a sensible balance of paper money and credit/ debit cards on you while you are moving because you never know what payment method works where. Calculate some of the foreseeable expenses that you might be incurring such as gas, refreshments and meals at restaurants, grocery etc. and then keep a little extra on you for any unprecedented expenses. Toiletries/ Towels Toiletries and towels are another must. You will need soap, face wash, shampoo, some cleaning wipes, powder, towels etc. so that you can bathe and freshen up every day. If any family member has specific requirements, ask them to add those things to the bag as well. Medicine Keep a mini first aid kit on hand. This should include medicines for any known allergies or conditions any of the family members have. You should also keep pills for all the common ailments such as a tummy ache, an upset tummy, common cold, headache and the suchlike. Band-Aids, gauze strips, some antiseptic solution, cotton balls and other basic medicinal items like these should also be included in the kit. Keys You would be surprised by just how many people lose their keys when they are moving house. Well before moving day, take a small bag or pouch and put all the important keys into it. These should include all the keys of the new house, car keys and any other keys that you might need in the coming days. If you do use these keys till then, make sure you put them back into the bag after you are done with them. If you can spare the time, get a few duplicates made for added safety. Water and Snacks When you move into a new house it will take a few days to get the kitchen up and running. Home cooked meals have to be compromised on for the first few days in the new house and most families make do by eating out. However, it is important to keep a few bottles of drinking water and some snacks in the house so that there is something to munch on whenever hunger strikes between meal times. Crackers, wafers, cookies, healthy granola bars, instant noodles and other packaged foods make for great mini-meals. Change of Clothes Keep a few pairs of clothes in the bag for each family member. Do not bother with packing fancy clothes; just make sure you keep nightwear, socks, undergarments and some comfortable clothes for each person in the family. Identification and Other Documents Keep all your important documents and paperwork with you in a safe pouch. You don’t want to misplace any of these in the chaos of moving.

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