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Moving Out Tips: Direct and Straight from a Zero-Knowledge Mover

For a person who does not have clear vision at to what is entailed in a moving out process, it can be said that the entire moving out ordeal can be very dreadful.  This is the reason why it is always best to take some tips and suggestions from people whose experience in moving out is considerably raw.  Straight from a newbie's experience, below are the suggested tips:
Do not compromise the quality of your packing materials over cheaper ones.  You can opt to use recycled materials like old newspapers and scrap papers however, these materials are not highly durable.  It is best that you buy and use the high quality materials for better results.A good strategy in packing is packing your things per area of the house.  For instance, bring one packing box in the kitchen and put all the kitchen stuff that you have on the box.  Leave them where they were packed.  This makes it easier for you to determine which have been already packed and prepared for transporting.  In moving your clothes, make sure that you use a specialized box - clothes moving boxes.  These boxes are specifically designed to hold clothes and apparels.  These are practical boxes because they are reusable. 
So, from a person who does not have knowledge in moving out and yet was able to move out successfully and almost stress-free, would you not trust the tips given?

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