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Moving Large Items During - Mirrors And Pictures

Every house needs something on the wall, unless you really are the most minimalist of interior design gurus, and it can often be a difficulty knowing exactly how to deal with moving such things. In the event that you are moving house and you have a lot of wall hangings, it may be of use to you to get some insight in to how you are going to get them removed and reinstalled safely, as well as all that goes between. In the event that you want to get involved with the removal itself, such tips will be sure to get you on the right foot, rather than in the way, and even if you are not getting that involved, it can be useful to have some idea of what is going on in general. There is a huge amount to be said for knowing as much as you can about the way in which to move your furniture and furnishings, so it is certainly admirable that you take an interest in it, though you must not let these ideas sway you in to falling out with your removals company, as they obviously know a fair deal more than most on such matters!  For a start, let’s look at mirrors. Smaller mirrors can be easily packed up and covered with bubble wrap and card so that they are extremely well protected, and easy to carry. Larger mirrors however hold much the same difficulties in moving as a piano - extremely fragile whilst also being extremely heavy! A big mirror will give you a run for your money in terms of both weight and in terms of how gently you need to treat it, so there is certainly a difficulty in knowing how to move such a thing! First off, you need to prepare it and have the thing packaged in a way that will allow you to rest it on things without it getting scratched or broken. This essentially means putting cardboard around the frame, thick enough to ensure that the frame will not come into contact with anything if rested on the floor etcetera. You should lie bubble wrap in no more than two layers, over the glass itself, and then place a flat sheet of card over it. This should be adequate protection if the mirror is to be treated properly. When you are carrying the thing, be extremely slow and gentle, so as to avoid twisting it at all, as this can cause serious issues in that glass is not the most flexible of materials, and can shatter easily is bent in the wrong direction. For this reason, walk slowly, and be extremely in sync with whoever else is helping you move the mirror. With pictures, the likelihood is that the same rules apply, but that they are a little lighter than a mirror. If you twist a painting, it can break and warp, meaning that it will no hang correctly, and if not protected properly, then the canvas can be torn or stretched, creating all sorts of issues, to the point where the painting may be rendered completely useless. Protection is the key here, and the layer of card over the flat sides of the painting is just as important here as it is with the glass on the mirror, given that some paintings hold so much worth. Pack these flat items on their sides with the longest edge on the floor of the van whilst traveling, and pack them in so that they can’t twist or warp in any way.

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