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Moving Day Cheats: Packing Your Emergency Supplies

Nobody wants to misplace or lose necessary and important items on their moving day. This can cause a lot of hassle and mess, especially if you find yourself having to rip open lots of bags and boxes trying to find exactly what you’re looking for! There’s an easy and simple way for you to avoid this happening to you on your moving day, and all it takes is a little pre-preparation and planning. This guide is here to help you make sure that all your essential or emergency items are to hand on your moving day, so you can avoid any last-minute panics! 1)    Planning.Planning is essential for you to move quickly and easily, and when it comes to thinking about your emergency and essentials boxes there really is no difference! What goes into your emergency boxes really depends on your situation. If you have children then you might want to include favourite toys, snacks, medicines or hygiene products, but if it’s just you on your own then a lunch box will probably do! Think carefully about what you’re going to need, not just while you’re in the moving process, but also during the first couple of days in your new home. Go through your house and make a list of essentials per room to help get you off to the best start. 2)    Labelling.A labelling system for your emergency boxes is essential to prevent them from getting mixed up or lost with all of your other boxes! Try using coloured tape or labelling with a different coloured pen. Use stickers, large writing and designs to set apart your emergency boxes from the rest. A good idea is to use boxes of a different material, such as plastic, or a different colour to ensure there’ll be no confusion on your big day. 3)    Kitchen.Kitchen essentials can be dependent on your own needs. For you, your kitchen essentials might include your kettle and tea bags, cutlery and a couple of plates! Think carefully about what you’re going to need for the first 24 hours in your new home and pack your essentials list accordingly. You might want to pack a separate emergency kit of cleaning supplies – you never know what you’ll want to wipe down or sanitise before you start unpacking properly. 4)    Bathroom.Bathroom essentials should include toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap and any other hygiene products you might be in need of. Towels are also easily forgotten but often needed, so don’t forget to pop a couple into your box – this includes hand towels as well! 5)    Paperwork.Although not all people want to separate their work paper or their moving documents from the rest of their belongings, it’s definitely something worth considering. Removal documents, copies of your removal company contracts, agency information and more can all go in here. Alternatively, you might want to pack your families’ other important documentation to ensure it doesn’t get lost in the move. Passports, birth certificates and more can all be housed safely in a documents essentials box. 6)    Other.Think carefully about the needs of your family. There are essentials that are easy to forget, such as your children’s homework, medications, food and more. Don’t feel under pressure to unpack the less important rooms of your home. Your living room and dining room are unessential and can be left until much later on in the moving process!

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