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Moving Companies: Differentiate the three Types You are moving to a new home, however, you are do not want to be stressed out. Your final decision is to hire a moving company; before you hire one, try to know the three different types of moving companies and widen your options in choosing one. If you do not want to lift a muscle during your move, you can hire full service movers. Full service movers will take care of everything for you. They will pack all your possessions, load them to their truck/moving van, drive the truck for you, unload your possessions to your new house, and they even unpack your possessions in your new home. Full service movers are licensed movers who have professional license in moving. You and your family will just sit back and relax while the moving team will do everything for you. Full service movers' costs more, compared to the other two types of moving services. The next type of moving company service is the self service movers. Self service movers will just provide the truck and the driver to drive your possessions to your new home. You will therefore do the dirty job, from packing your things, loading them to the truck, and unloading them from the truck. This type of moving service, however, is cheaper compared to the full service movers. The last type of moving service is the DIY service or do it yourself service. This will give you a full control on your move. You will literally do everything, from packing to unpacking including the driving of the track or van. Yes, you will rent a truck and you will drive it yourself. You can ask your family and friends to help you. This is the cheapest type of move.

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