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Make a Stress-Free Moving

Make a Stress-Free Moving Moving is an activity that can compel you to gulp an aspirin to relieve some body pain. This is how stressful moving is. In fact, the Employee Relocation Council stated that moving ranks third on the most stressful life event, next to death and divorce. But don't tremble if you are also planning to relocate. You can still avoid gulping an aspirin by knowing the right things to do to avoid heavy loads of stress to hit your mind and body. Before the move, you should be able to prepare. Make an advance planning and organization. This will certainly make your move in smooth flow. For example, you should be able to compile all your important documents. You should also be able to make a to-do list. Make a schedule of arrangements to cut-off your electricity, water, cable, and gas. During the moving day you can make your children occupied by giving them some coloring books or toys to attend to. If you have an infant, you can also hire a babysitter for a day to help you focus on loading your things. Upon reaching your new home, open the boxes that you need first to avoid too much mess. Be sure to mark the boxes while packing them to make it easy for you to recognize them once you reached your new home. You can also keep a trash bag while unpacking in every room for easy disposal of packing materials.  

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