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Keeping Your Moving List Safe

A moving list can be one of the most essentials items used during any house move. A detailed itinerary of every aspect of the process, with a breakdown of times and details for the most important parts of the move, the right list can help you ensure that you get the best possible moving experience. As such a vital tool, keeping the list safe is very important, but with all the hectic fuss normally associated with a house move, what is the best way to keep the list safe? If you follow the below steps, you can be extra sure that your list is always in the best possible protective state. Perhaps the best way to make sure that your moving list is always in the best place is to keep it about your person at all times. Folded up and placed in your pocket, the list is always to hand in case you need to double check a detail, or in case anyone asks after a certain time or place. Keeping the moving list in your pocket places it in the care of the person you are likely to trust the most. Yourself. Rather than let anyone else hold on to the important piece of paper, trust yourself to keep it about you at all times. For those times when the list has gotten lost – whether you have loaned it out and someone else has misplaced it or whether you yourself have lost the list and wish to keep quiet – it always helps to have a back up. Kept in a separate yet safe place, a back up moving list is a great fall back option should the list become lost or damaged. As most lists are updated frequently, be sure that the back up has the most vital information on it, as well as the most up to date details and times. Rather than a physical back up written on a different piece of paper, a digital back up can be even more useful. Whether you wish to scan or photograph an original list or even create a digital one from scratch, you can make an infinite number of copies of the digital list. You can also email the list to everyone involved, you can then print and take care of their own personal moving list. With the advent of smart phones, you can also collaborate and update a list between a few people whilst on the move, creating a flexible and reliable digital replacement for a paper list. In some instances, however, only a hard copy will do. At these times, finding a way to keep your piece of paper as safe as possible can become difficult. With the stresses and the strains of moving, coupled with the constant checking, a moving list can be exposed to the elements quite frequently. As such, it can always be possible for the list to be damaged, so taking extra steps to preserve it can be hugely helpful. Laminating a paper copy can make sure that ripping and water are no longer threats to the list. This means that you will always have a physical hardcopy intact if you need to reference the list, though it may be hard to make adjustments on the go. Getting the moving list right can take a lot of the stress out of a moving experience. If you are about to move house, drafting a detailed list of what needs to be done should be one of your first steps. Come moving day, distributing a copy to everyone involved can ensure that you are all on the same page from the start.

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