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How to Prevent Damage and Have an Easier Move

The key to a successful move is proper planning. But this includes using the right packing materials too. You need to have the right moving tools and equipment too to make lifting, loading and unloading easier for you and the movers.
To know how much packing materials are needed, you need to assess all your things and make an estimate. Even if you want to save money, it's always worth getting the ideal boxes and packing materials for your things. It is only by using the right packing materials that you can protect your things during transit.
Dish moving boxes are ideal for plates and other dishes. You need to wrap the plates and dishes individually with packing paper. To be safer, you could use bubble wrap. Then before you put them in the boxes don't forget to put a layer of packing peanuts. For the glasses and stems, choose the boxes that have inserts so the glasses won't bump each other. Each would be safer with crumpled paper inside them though. For your clothes, you could use wardrobe boxes.
Take note though that boxes could get heavy, it would be hard for you or the movers if boxes have to be lifted and carried from the house to the vehicle. If you intend to do the move yourself, you must have a trolley or a dolly to make loading easier. With this equipment, you can easier load the boxes and push the trolley or dolly to the vehicle. Not only will this make the job easier, it will also help you finish the job faster. And by using ramps, you avoid scratching the floors and damaging carpets. You also prevent damaging the doors and banisters by using door jam protectors and banister bumpers.

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