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How to Pack Your Computer for the Move

How to Pack Your Computer for the Move Well, almost all homes now have a computer. In fact, many homes now have several computers. That's how computers have become a necessity to everyone's lives today. So when it's time to move houses, you would have to pack them up. You have to do them right though so as not to damage anything. Before packing anything, make sure that you retrieve all their original boxes. You would also need the Styrofoam that came with the equipment. Using the original packaging is the safest because it fits well. So, the device will not shake much. However, if it is not available you would have to make to use another box. Nevertheless, make sure that you a box for that is of the right size for each device. Each box should also be shock resistant. Before you shut off the computers, make sure you have made backups of your files, documents and programs. Make sure that you take out all the CDs, floppy disks and all connections. Then unplug all the cables connections and wires. Do this carefully so as not to damage any of the cables. Make sure you also know where each cable connections goes so you will be able to set up your computers back in your new home without any difficulty. You can put some labels at the end of the cable just to be sure you will not make a mistake later. As for the CPU, make sure that you always position it in such a way that the motherboard is flat at the bottom so as not to loosen or damage internal cards. Also, be careful not to scratch or break the monitor. If you are using an LCD monitor, be extra careful of the surface because it is soft and easily tear.

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