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How to Pack Your Bedroom in an Organized Manner

It's always advisable to pack by rooms. When it's time to pack your bedroom, you should still pack in an organized manner. If you have older children you can have them pack their own bedrooms. Just take time to guide them how to properly pack each type of item like their clothes, shoes, jewelry and trinkets.
It's always the best idea to start with clothes. Since clothes usually accounts for the bulk of your things inside the bedroom, it would take care much of the task right away. Like packing anything else, try to discard the clothes you no longer need. This will shorten the time needed for you to pack everything in the room. Just don't forget to leave the clothes you will be using until the day of the move.
The same thing should be done when it comes to shoes. Place them in their original boxes and place everything inside a medium sized box. And make sure that it goes with the clothes.
Since jewelry and trinkets are small and valuable, you can keep them in your personal handbag so it will not get lost among the boxes.
Picture frames can be packed way in advance. But keep at least a single mirror out so you will have something to use until the day of the move. Pack them like you would with any china and glassware.
The linens, bed sheets, pillows and mattresses are easiest to pack. You simply have to fold them and place them in plastic bags and seal them.
Furniture is not easy though. You may have to disassemble some of them first. But if you know how or if you ask the help of the removals company, it can be easy too.

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