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How to Pack Common Fragile Items

How to Pack Common Fragile Items When moving from one house to another you would surely encounter packing at least one or two fragile items. If you don't want to damage any one of them, you have to get the right packing materials and pack them properly. Every household now has a television set, computers and speakers. Such equipment is best packed in its original packaging. You should use the polystyrene foam that came with the box as well. If they are no longer available, you can use shallow boxes but provide as much padding on all sides to protect them. It would also be better if you move and carry them yourselves so you can be extra careful with them. Most people use breakable cups and glasses too. Begin packing your cups and glasses by putting some tissue inside them individually. Then wrap them individually as well and seal them with a tape too. After doing so, carefully place them inside a box placing bubble wraps between each. Picture frames and mirrors also fill the walls and the rooms of houses. In wrapping them you can use sturdy cardboard boxes. You can also protect each with bubble wraps so they will not easily be broken should you accidentally drop them. Taking care of these items is important because they not only cost money but they also mostly have sentimental value. So it's really difficult to replace them. Damaging any of these fragile items could be heart breaking.  It's best that you take extra effort to preserve your things and memories.

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