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How to Manage a Successful and Productive Moving Sale

Holding a moving sale can be tiring but fun at the same time. It is a great way to get rid of the things you no longer need. And it generally benefits you twice over. One, you are able to raise money from the sales. Then you also minimize the amount of things you need to pack and transport for the move so you save time and money as well.
To make your moving sale successful, you should have many items for sale and you should also announce the sale well so many people will come to buy. So, you should prepare for sale early. As soon as you decide on the move, you should begin collecting and gathering the things you will no longer need in your new home. You should also begin making ads a few weeks before the yard sale. And post them in the busiest areas and sections of your town. Make sure that your ads are big and bright to capture attention. Use crayons so the writing will not blot even it rains. Make sure that the letters are big and legible as well. Mention brand names and valuable items to attract more people. It would also help post in free online classified ads.
What would really make customers buy is if you display and price your items well. Cleaning them would also make them more attractive. Small items should be displayed together in one table near the payment counter. This will allow customers to make last minute purchases. Clothes should be hung properly too. The pricing should be simple. This would eliminate the need for smaller change. You could also price some things by bulk like four of the same item for $2. Nevertheless, still prepare enough change to make the sale faster.

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