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Helping Your Children to Adjust to the Move

Helping Your Children to Adjust to the Move Moving houses is stressful to everybody involved. Even pets feel the stress. So, children are really expected to feel the stress too. As parents, it is your obligation to lessen this stress and to make them open to idea and accept the idea of the move. It is important that you let the children know about the impending move once it has been decided. This will give them a lot of time to get used to the idea. However, make sure that you show them you are open for discussion though. There might be a lot of questions from the children so be ready to answer them. Be patient with your children too, as some may have some strong negative reactions. This is quite expected since you will be uprooting them from the home they have gotten used to. They feel safe in this home. They also have some friends here. Nevertheless, tell them what to expect about the new place. For instance, you could start with the kind of weather you will be having there. But to make them interested, tell them about the things they will be interested in. Smaller children might love the idea of going to the nearby amusement park. If you are moving to a place known for their beautiful beaches, you could point this out to them. Some children may be attached to some of their things so assure them that they can bring these things to your new home. You can also begin introducing them to their new house by taking them there if it's possible. If it's in a different city, you can get a map or search the Internet about your new neighborhood too.   The most important thing is to be sensitive to the emotions of your children. Each child may have a different concern so make sure you attend to each one of them. Give them time to say goodbye to their friends as well. If possible show them a solid composure throughout the preparation to the moving day too. Most of time, children only mimic such your stress. So the less they see that in you the less stressed they will likely feel as well.  

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