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Helpful Tips When Moving Abroad

Moving is stressful enough never mind when you are planning to emigrate abroad, with so many thing to consider, the little, something most important issues can be the last thing on your mind.  Here are some helpful tips to ensure your international move runs as smoothly as possible: 1.    You have obviously done your homework regarding the destination to where you want to move, but have you read up on the countries of residences customs and laws which may be extremely different to what you are a custom to, it is therefore an essential measure to go to your new country of residents government website to discover what exactly may affect you.2.    It is important to check out how your new countries health care system work if you are moving within the EU you can apply for an EHIC card which is free online that many European countries will accept, but this may not cover all health related issues.  If moving outside the EU it is essential to get yourself and family a health cover policy to ensure that you are fully covered in case of an emergency.3.    Do not forget to register with a new gp and health care service as soon as you possible can when you have settled into your new home.4.    Don’t forget the tax man, it is important to ensure that you pay the correct taxes regarding your home and your job whilst abroad and that all your taxes are fully paid back in the UK or this can be a problem in the future.5.    Don’t forget to inform all relent companies of your move abroad this will obviously be your employer , HM revenues and customs, gp, dentist, schools, social security office your insurance policies dvla, health services to name a few, a full list can be download free of charge from a simple internet search, this may save you a lot of hassle and money in the long run.6.    It is also a good idea to study the currency and work out how much item cost to the pound, this will save you getting ripped off as a new arrival in a foreign country.7.    It will be extremely beneficial to learn the local language and integrate into the local community to succeed abroad, you can start learning the language as soon as you decide to move abroad, this can be fun and free for the whole family to do together.8.    It is vital to check ensure that you have enough currency to see you through any difficult or unexpected time whilst abroad, it is essential that you do not underestimate the cost of living in a foreign country and remember that most countries will not have a social security system to fall back on.9.    Ensure you have chosen a trusted and well established removal company to transport all your worldly possession to your new home, it will be worth paying that little bit extra for a piece of mind that your possession will reach you in good order and on time. There are many cowboy removal companies out there so make sure you get references from the chosen company.10.    Lastly do not forget you will need to register with your country of residence for a residence permit, without one you may deported or arrested for working or living illegally.

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