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Five Things You Can Do for Your Cat When Moving

Cats feel stressed also because of moving. Just imagine how much stress you will suffer because of this. And imagine your cat in the same shoes. Definitely, it will feel more than double the stress you will experience.
Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help you cat feel at ease when moving:
1. Confine your lovely cat to one room only in the first days after moving. This will prevent the cat be confused of the new place. Just keep your cat in the room until all the things are set.
2. Give your cat his usual things-toys, blankets, and feeding utensils. All these things will make him feel at home and at ease.
3. If you own more than one cat, it's ideal that you put cats that can go along with each other in one room. This will keep them busy playing together, thus, they will forget about the stressful moving.
4. Pay extra attention for your cat when moving. During this period that your cat really needs you attention. So give it to him-it's the simplest thing you can do for his comfort.
5. Be always calm when interacting with your cat. Don't shout at him or show him an angry face. This will scare your cat more.
Your cat is surely important to you no wonder why you want him be with you when you move. But your affection for your cat should be more evident on what you do to make him feel at ease when moving.

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