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FAQ's Concerning International Movers

International moving is not an easy task. You need to consider help from movers to eliminate all the stresses pertinent to the move. But before you even hire one, make sure that the company can answer your questions.   As a start, you must ask the company about the services it offers. Get some estimates on how much it will cost you if you entrust the entire job to them. Ask for quotes if you decide to do the packing on your own.   Concerns to ask your international movers   Aside from asking about removal services, you must also ask your service providers about the following:   1. "Do I have to pay for value added tax?" Transactions outside the EU are VAT exempt. But if the international move is within the EU, UK VAT rate applies.   2. "How will I know if my transactions are protected?" Always ask for a moving insurance and check on what the list includes. In that way, you are assured that you and your belongings are protected.   3. "What participations should I have in the move?" Aside from looking for a company, you should also prepare for moving day. Make sure you sort your belongings. Your international movers may take charge of organising and packing your stuffs inside each respective box though.   4. "What are common items that cannot be included in international shipment?" Bonds, cash and jewellery are not commonly covered in international shipment. Even foods are not accepted when shipping through a removal company. Flammable gases, alcohol and corrosives are not accepted as well.   These are just four of the concerns you should raise to your international movers. You may have other issues in mind. Make sure you ask help from the team about whatever bothers you.

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