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Ensure Safe Furniture Relocation

If you are relocating to a new home or office, you probably are contemplating on how to move your fragile furniture. Fragile furniture is perhaps the most difficult item to move. It is large and awkward; hence the risk of damaging the furniture increases during the transport.  In this article, we will share a few ways to ensure that your price furniture stays undamaged and well protected during and after the relocation.
In order to prevent the growth of unsightly mildews and mold on your furniture, wrap your spring box and mattress with a moving blanket. This will secure the furniture from dust and other substances that may damage the furniture. The corners of the spring box should be cushioned with bubble wrap to avoid damages.
Couches and Chairs
When moving chairs and large couches, be sure remove all its detachable parts. Place all the bolts, nuts and screws in a small bag and label it with label with the furniture it belongs to. Same thing goes with cushions. The large part of the couch should be wrapped with plastic bags to ensure protection from dust and bugs.
 Tables and Cupboards
Bubble wrap is a popular choice for wrapping delicate items such as dining tables and cupboards. The corners should be protected with towels or sheets then wrapped and taped.
Desks, Dressers and Filing Cabinets
To keep them from falling out during the transport, it is best to secure the openings with packing tapes. Also use bubble wraps to keep them from getting unsightly damages.
Lighting fixtures and Lamps
 After detaching a few parts, wrap them with a towel and wrap them in a bubble wrap for additional protection. Next, slip them inside a large plastic bag and seal tightly.

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