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Do I Need To Hire An Assistant With A Man And Van?

As we all know Moving house can entail a lot of heavy lifting and some things like fridges and washers will require the hands of two of more people. Trying to lift heavy goods single handed can cause a lot of stress, it can take a hell of a lot longer to get the job done and also it can be dangerous, you may pull a muscle or damage you back. When deciding to hire a man and van you need to consider the following facts before you can determine whether you will require extra assistance. Fact 1Is this a big removal or only a small job? If it’s only a small job consisting of boxes but nothing large of extremely heavy, you may not need the extra help. Having the extra help could get the job done in half the time but if there is no need to pay for extra help, you may as well no bother and instead help out yourself. Fact 2Moving large goods! If this house move entails lifting of heavy sofas, tables, washers, fridges and beds then you will require some assistant. However if you can offer that assistant yourself be sure to tell the removal company this as they may automatically send a third pair of hands and you may end up footing the bill for it. Bear in mind though that a removal company will not allows their workers to get hurt by struggling to lift your items alone, their job is to help you but to not cause any injury to themselves. By trying to cut costs thinking that they will manage, you may be in for a shock if you see them refusing to help. Fact 3How long is the job expected to take? You may not consider this an important option but the truth is if you are moving furniture by yourself for a whole day even if it’s not exactly heavy, it can still be very much hard work. Some companies will not allow their workers to overdo it by going it alone as this can cause injury and strain over a long period of time.You may think that by hiring one man will save you money but truth is it could cost more. One man doing a job alone could take a lot longer than two hands completing the same task so although you may save money in one way you could end up paying more for the amount of time they spend doing the job for you.How much time do you have to spare? It’s also worth considering that if you are short on time yourself or maybe you need this house removal to be completed within half a day, it may pay to have those extra hands around after all.Fact 4Why put yourself out? Instead of trying to cut back on costs by willingly standing in as the extra pair of hands for your van man, why not free up your time to do more important things regarding the house removals and allow them to just get on with the job instead. Don’t forget professionals have ways to lift and carry which they have been taught and over the years they have no doubt mastered the art of house removals. Each time you try to step in and help they may be wasting valuable time and money! Ultimately we all want a quick, simple and efficient house removal with as less stress as possible so allowing the professionals to get on with their job; you can happily get on with yours!

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