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Be Sure to Find the Right Removals Company for your Family Move

Moving house is a pretty terrifying ordeal for those involved in the planning and funding of it, but there is also a fair amount of sympathy that needs to be had for those who are not involved in it, as the rest of your family will perhaps not understand the benefits of such a move, as they have not orchestrated it. Having a large group of strange men come in to your house to take everything that your younger children know and love from it can be quite stressful for them, so it is worth factoring your young ones in to your decisions about the move. This includes the removals company that you choose, as sometimes it is more important to find a company that you think will be family friendly than it is to find a company who offer the lowest price or have the best advertising. In a way your family should always come first, but a move will be a real test of this, with it taking up all of your thoughts and time, it can get in the way of those things that you used to do as a family without you even realizing because you are so engrossed. Understand this is important, and it is the first step to ensuring that your move is good for the whole family. So, how do you find a removals company that you think will be fine with your family? It is worth mentioning that you have kids and even any pets that will be around the house whilst the team will be, just so that you can gauge a reaction from the person that you are talking to. It will also mean that the company can ensure that there is no one on the job who will react badly to such presences in the house. You can be sure that most kind hearted people will get on well with kids, but there are some people who aren’t naturally very good with them, so it is certainly worth asking about how well the team will deal with it all. You will likely be able to gauge a fair amount about the company by the customer service team. If the company have hired someone to represent them on the phone and that person is snooty or sounds bored, then you are likely to find that it is similar with the rest of the company. Having a crew who are just interested in doing the job as quick as possible and getting the money will result in a sloppy job, and you may even feel like they are a bit too detached to be friendly. Older, family run firms seem to be good with keeping the personality in the removals industry, so try ringing up a couple that you find in your area for quotes. Be sure to have a look through the reviews that accumulate on online forums and independent reviews sites. These comments will often reveal the true nature of a company in various situations, so you can look out for any instances of maltreatment, or general sloppy service. You should also look out for any suggestions of unfriendliness, whilst also being aware that the crew need to get the job done within the allocated time! It can be hard to be subjective on such things, but it is essential that you do get yourself a great removals team that can get on with the whole family, as it will make the move a lot easier for you.

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