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All You Need To Know About Portable Storage For Hampstead Removals

Portable storage is a relatively new storage solution for people moving to new homes, with self-storage and storage containers being the more commonly used and better known options. If you are planning for a Hampstead house removal anytime soon, opting for portable storage can help make your relocation more organised.The moving process involves three stages: packing all your belongings safely, loading them onto a moving vehicle and transporting them to the new address and finally unpacking them at the new house. Most people hire packers and movers for the first two stages, and choose to unpack slowly at their own pace. The price quoted to you is generally calculated on the basis of two factors: the number of hours the team will spend on the job and the distance they have to travel between the two addresses. If the moving process is working out to be too expensive for you but you cannot compromise on the quality of service and put your belongings at risk, the option of using portable storage might indeed be your way out of this problem. Portable storage, as the name suggests, is movable storage that you can rent out and keep your belongings in for as long as you need it. The process, in a nutshell, involves locating a company that rents out portable storage units, agreeing to a contract with them, having the portable storage unit sent over to your address and then using it for housing all your belongings while you move. So, why does this work out cheaper than hiring a regular packers and movers team? While removals teams will charge you on the basis of the hours worked, the distance travelled and the amount of luggage to be packed and moved, the portable storage company will calculate its quote according to the size of the storage unit you reserve. Some storage companies may also levy a nominal rental charge, but even so, the total cost will almost always work out much cheaper than hiring a removals team.If you have a lot of luggage to be transported, packing it all on your own might be a daunting task, but compared to the amount of money you will be saving on a removals team, it is worth the effort. To avoid being overwhelmed by the task, we suggest that you start packing early and give yourself ample time to get everything done. This way, when the portable storage unit is delivered to you, everything will be packed and ready.Portable storage companies usually have the storage unit delivered to your home so that you can put all your packed items in at your own convenience. You can keep the unit wherever you are, have it moved to another location or you could even have it housed at a storage facility. Most companies that rent out portable storage units also have a storage facility available, and will keep your portable unit at the facility until such time when you are ready to unpack. When the date comes, the unit will be delivered to your new address so that you can unload all your belongings into the new house. The best part about this deal is that during this time you do not have to worry about the safety of your belongings. They are kept safely under the company’s watch and you can visit the storage facility any time you want to check on your things. This also gives you the time to move into the new house and settle down and get used to the new place and neighbourhood before you are ready to tackle the unpacking process.

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