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6 Ways to Save Money When Moving Houses

After learning that you have quite a few expenses to take care of whilst moving houses, it will be useful to you to learn that it is possible to cut down on your moving expenses.
1.  Instead of buying moving boxes, get free boxes form liquor stores and wholesalers.
2.  Use clothing and towels to wrap your stuff instead of buying bubble wrap. Even newspaper is a cheaper option as a packing material.
3.  Some things like stuffed animals, pillows, curtains and clothes can be packed in contractor bags instead of boxes. Use boxes mainly for fragile, heavy and sharp things.
4.  You can save money by doing the packing yourself instead of hiring professionals. Start weeks before so that most of your belongings are packed on moving day.
5.  Obtain quotes from moving van rentals and hire the cheapest option as this is cheaper than hiring moving companies to do your move. Look for rental packages offering unlimited mileage with long distance moves.
6.  Ask friends to help with loading of your belongings into the moving van. Make it a sort of a party with music and food, so that everyone enjoys themselves. If there is no one to call, you could rent helpers on hourly or daily basis from moving van rentals.
Besides saving money by doing your move, you find it less stressful if you start early as you can make alternative arrangements with unexpected changes in plans.

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