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6 Responsibilities of a Tenant Who is About to Move

Congratulations for your new house! Finally, your days as a tenant will soon be over and that will be marked by your moving date. However, before you get too excited about packing and other moving necessities, ponder on these six responsibilities first. As a tenant, you need to do these before you move:
1. Inform your landlord. Remember, the house you've been living for so many years belongs to your landlord. So, he has the right to know that you are about to move. If not, you might be penalized.
2. Get everything out. Your moving date is not your final day as a tenant. So, just move everything out to make way for your more responsibilities like cleaning.
3. Clean. Sure, you can always move out without cleaning your old place. But for your name's sake, clean it.
4. Repair. Check electrical wiring or plumbing if these need any repair. If they do, make repairs immediately.
5. Document. You don't want your landlord to accuse you of being irresponsible. Better get pieces of evidence that you did clean and repair the apartment before you move. Take pictures of the apartment and the things you did for it before you move.
6. Bond back. As long as you have followed everything in the lease, then you surely can get your bond back smoothly. This is like a reward for being a responsible tenant.
So, are you a responsible tenant? Be one by making sure these six responsibilities are followed.

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