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3 Tips to Efficiently Move Billiard and Pool Tables

When moving out to a new place, you essentially think about the problem and issue in transporting and relocating your house stuff. However, the more challenging it becomes when you have billiard and pool table to relocate.  The weight and size that these household things have are in itself posing great challenge to removal companies. 
In order to effectively and efficiently move the billiard and pool tables, the following helpful and useful tips are being suggested:
Prepare all your protective gears ready before you finally pull these out of the house.  Staple pullers, screw drivers (usually flat heads are better), and goggles are the most useful and needed tools that you should prepare.  Start with the billiard table as these are harder to disassemble.  You can start with removing the staple off the pocket strap of the billiard table.  Ensure that you are able to find the accurate size in order to pull out the bolts under the rails.  This may sound difficult at first but you can get the hang of it after a few tries.  Ensure that you also understand and remember how the billiard and pool tables were disassembled.  This will help you assemble the tables very easily and effectively.
The right way to assemble and disassemble the tables is the key towards having an efficient and easy way to transport and relocate them.

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